Computer Vision

From Gabor filters to Deep Neural Networks, modelling the visual cortex

Our main objective is to provide the visual and cognitive abilities of human beings to artificial systems. To this end, Computer Vision methods and algorithms rely on modeling how the human visual cortex interprets images and video sequences.

Through the identification of the objects in an image, their dimensions and relative position to the camera, Computer Vision is capable of extracting characteristics of the objects or people. Such analysis allows us to subsequently identify objects and persons as well as to interpret the actions that occur in the scene.

Intelligent Autonomous Robots and Systems

Bringing revolutionary benefits to society, while facing important societal challenges

Our Research Line coordinates the R&D activity related to autonomous systems and intelligent automation technologies, their application in specific vertical markets, and their relation to other technologies.

The challenges addressed, and current technological trends are:


Developing bioinformatics tools for genomics analysis

Massive genomics and the generation of biomedical data are producing a large amount of data that has led to Bioinformatics, which is a multidisciplinary field involving computer science, mathematics, biomedicine and, statistics, with the aim of processing, analyzing and extracting knowledge.

Bioinformatics is opening many possibilities for the development of multiple fields. We are working with several technologies and technological trends, such as:


Linking innovation with distributed ledger technologies

Our aim is to coordinate ARI research activity related to distributed ledger technologies, be it research on the technologies themselves, improvements, linking with other technologies, or research about applications of Blockchain in specific vertical markets, or in relation to other technologies or solutions.

Software Engineering

Improve your productivity, release better quality software

Our aim is focused on researching several technologies in the framework of Software Development to support the work of Sectors and Labs within ARI.