Research Lines


Developing bioinformatics tools for genomics analysis

Nearly all living organisms share the same genetic codification (DNA) made by four chemical units. With this 4-letter language, DNA contains all the information needed for building an entire organism. Every human cell has approximately three billion letters.

Massive genomics and biomedical data generation are producing a flood of data that has given rise the field of bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field that involves computer science, mathematics, biomedicine and statistics.

Software Engineering

Improve your productivity, release better quality software
  • Model Driven Software Engineering (Design-Time)
    • MDA/MDE forward engineering techniques and methods applied to the specification, program-comprehension, re-engineering (design-pattern driven) of software systems and code synthesis.
  • Software modeling and simulation (Run-time)
    • Research on techniques and methods that enable the specification and modeling of concerns on complex software systems and their simulation at model level, exploring the solution space.