Research Lines

High Performance Computing

Why do we need ever-higher performing computers?

Many industrial scenarios require very advanced computation capabilities due to the big amount of data to be analyzed and to the really complex calculations to be performed. HPC is the technology which enables handling with such complexity, providing the technical solutions, which will bring industry to a new era where simulations, advanced modeling and improved visualization will enable the engineering and manufacturing of new products, so they will be more cost-efficient, safe and more advanced.

Software Engineering

Improve your productivity, release better quality software
Software Engineering Research Line (picture of code)
  • Model Driven Software Engineering (Design-Time)
    • MDA/MDE forward engineering techniques and methods applied to the specification, program-comprehension, re-engineering (design-pattern driven) of software systems and code synthesis
  • Software modeling and simulation (Run-time)
    • Research on techniques and methods that enable the specification and modeling of concerns on complex software systems and their simulation at model level, exploring the solution space

User Experience

How to engage users and improve their motivation to learn, cooperate, create...

This research line has a bi-dimensional focus on general learning research concerns (vertical axis) and training and motivational support for domain specific applications (horizontal axis). It aims at developing innovative solutions to address: