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Providing novel and disruptive features to support the DevOps model in NFV environments

September 24th, 2019 – Atos, a global leader in telecommunications and digital transformation, participates in the 5GTANGO European project aiming to research and develop 5G innovative technologies. The project has just announced the release 5.0 of SONATA NFV platform, which provides novel and disruptive features to support the DevOps model in NFV environments. The project, co-founded by the European research funding program Horizon 2020 as part of the 5GPPP Phase 2 innovation, is receiving nearly €7 million, and will end by January 2020.

The 5GTANGO project is tasked with addressing the significant challenges associated with the development, testing and deployment of the complex services envisioned for the promising 5G networks and empowered by SDN/NFV technologies. The H2020 project embraced an agile development philosophy with continuous improvements since the project started in June 2017. SONATA 5.0 is its second major software release.

On one hand, Atos, as the coordinator of 5GTANGO and SONATA -precursor 5GTANGO project-, is responsible for managing and ensuring the correct operation and compliance of the project through leading actions such as the implementation of monitoring and reporting mechanisms to guarantee a quality project. And on the other hand, Atos is the leader of some technical, business and exploitation tasks.

5GTANGO is proud to announce the launch of a new release of its integrated platform: SONATA powered by 5GTANGO. The release is used in three exemplary 5G pilots in the sectors of smart manufacturing, immersive media and real-time communications, showing the added value of SDN/NFV. SONATA 5.0 provides compelling new features, such as:

  • Service Development Kit: An invaluable set of tools to support developers in the creation and local testing of services.
  • 5G Network Slicing: Network Slice life-cycle management, supporting the instantiation and removal of Network Slice Templates that define multiple interconnected (shared) network services.
  • Cloud-native Network Function (CNF) Support: support with container-based orchestration based on Kubernetes.
  • QoS and SLA Management: Innovative monitoring framework able to guarantee the required/agreed quality of the service.
  • Qualification of Services: Performance benchmarking tests running in a qualification environment using SONATA Validation & Verification Platform. SONATA and ETSI OpenSource MANO are supported as NFV orchestrators by the V&V platform.
  • Analytics Engine: Execute data analysis processes over the benchmarking tests results and get insights for introducing automation in orchestration mechanisms.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: ONF Transport API support as WAN Infrastructure Manager Northbound Interface.
  • Network Automation through Artificial Intelligence (AI): An analytics engine provides various analysis processes with the objective to get analysis insights that lead to the design of efficient policies and introduce automation.

Three pilots across three important sectors for 5G have been selected by the project in order to illustrate the added value of the service programmability, the service qualification and the orchestration capabilities offered by the SONATA NFV platform.

SONATA is used in the smart manufacturing pilot to optimize the factory processes and, in particular, to show how new CNF functions can be orchestrated even at the edge of the factory networks. In the immersive media scenario, SONATA showcases its ability to manage multiple advanced functions leveraging virtual reality and social network data together at the network edge. In the real-time communications pilot, SONATA illustrates how essential an end-to-end platform is in order to monitor, measure and reduce latency to improve the overall user experience.

These three pilots were demonstrated at EUCNC 2019 with the support of the vertical industries partners in the project consortium. SONATA NFV platform has been adopted in real environments, demonstrating with great success the benefits of the 5G networks for the industry relative with live streaming and immersive media, real-time communication systems and smart manufacturing Network Services.

I am proud of coordinating a project like 5GTANGO. It is amazing to see what this highly collaborative consortium with 18 partners representing the telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers and research and academic institutes, has achieved. 5GTANGO is the first integrated approach in the NFV landscape that covers the whole lifecycle of network services, since development to testing and operations. This software release brings compelling features into the market, like network slicing capabilities, feature that has been adopted by OSM”, Josep Martrat, Head of the Telecom Sector of Atos Research and Innovation and Project Coordinator of 5GTANGO.


5GTANGO is co-funded by the European Commission as an innovation action part of 5GPPP Phase 2 in H2020. The project is receiving from the EU nearly €7 million of its €9 million budget.

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The consortium of 18 partners includes lead telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers, research and academic institutes.

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