Linking innovation with distributed ledger technologies
Description / Emerging Technologies: 

Blockchain Research Line coordinates ARI research activity related to distributed ledger technologies, be it research on the technologies themselves, improvements, linking with other technologies, or research about applications of blockchain in specific vertical markets, or in relation to other technologies or solutions.

The main objective of the Research Line is acting as a reference point by identifying, tracking and monitoring all blockchain activities being carried out under the umbrella of ARI; providing resources, technical support and advice to all initiatives involved in distributed ledger technology; and being the main contact point regarding blockchain activities in ARI toward ARI partners in H2020 projects.

Critical Mass / Market: 

InĀ Gartner's Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2018, blockchain technology is about to enter the third phase of the cycle: the "Trough of Disillusionment" which provides the technology a maturity level where it's widely understood, surviving the products and initiatives really worthy and placed beyond the initial hype of the early adopters.

The plateau of productivity will be reached in 5 to 10 years when the technology becomes mainstream enough to pay off-market applicability and relevance.

Relation between the Research Line and Atos Portfolio : 

According to Gartner insights, "Blockchain technologies promise new economic, business, social and technological models that can pervasively impact business and society. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must understand the implications to exploit this disruptive, but immature, technology." Is in our hand the development and the model of this flourishing technology in Atos products, solutions and industries that conform our portfolio.

Atos portfolio solutions, products, and industries with strong links and potential relations with distributed ledger technologies are:

  • Products: AI, Cybersecurity, Defence and Mission Critical, Enterprise servers, HPC, Integrated Systems, Data Center Applications and Transformation, Quantum Learning Machine
  • Solutions: Application Transformation and Management, Business Accelerators, Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, CODEX, Insight-driven Outcomes, Digital Transformation Factory, Digital Workplace, Syntel, Automation and Robotics, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Payments, e-Transactions, Industry 4.0, among other key solutions
  • Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Central Government, Chemicals, Consumer packaged goods, Defence, Discrete Manufacturing, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Life Sciences, Local Government and Cities, Media, Retail, Sport and Major Events, Telecom, Transport, and Utilities