Atos Spain
Value Proposition: 

DITAS value proposition is based on the following objectives:

  1. Improvement of productivity when developing and deploying data-intensive applications-
  2. Enhancing the data management in mixed cloud/fog environments adding data and computation movement.
  3. Definition of strategies for improving the execution of data-intensive applications.
  4. Enabling the execution of data-intensive applications in a mixed cloud/fog environment.
  5. Maximise the impact on the market of developers and adopters of data-intensive applications.
Business Impact: 

The goal of DITAS is to propose a framework, composed by an SDK and an execution environment, which aims to overcome the barriers that now hamper the adoption of Cloud Computing and increase the adoption of Fog computing by exploiting the full potential of these two paradigms in a synergic way. This will support the development and execution of data-intensive application that are now – and even more in the future – crucial for organizations and companies that want to manage their data in an efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure manner. Abstractions provided in DITAS with Data Virtualization and Data Utility will expose the data to be managed by the application in terms of Virtual Data Containers which hide the complexity of the underlying infrastructure composed of heterogeneous data sources, smart devices, traditional servers, and sensor networks. ATOS is the Project Coordinator and actively involved in the Scientific and Technical Coordination due to its extensive experience managing large projects. ATOS also contributes actively to almost all the technical activities. ATOS leads the market analysis, exploitation planning, the IPR management, and is Impact and Dissemination leader.