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Pedro Soria-Rodriguez

Adapting financial applications to the challenges of Future Internet and new ICT


Our mission is to ensure secure transactions, provide higher availability, confidentiality and integrity of financial services, and in recent times new trends like Big Data, IoT, and Competitive Intelligence are also paving new research in information management for financial services.


Our vision is to help customers in the Financial Market adapting business models to an economy more and more driven by management of information, and taking stock of the vast amounts of information owned by banks, to be exploited for the business and operational benefit of the organization. We also aim to cove security concerns, exploit the potential of mobile and social networking technologies in banking and insurance, while complying with regulations.


We value the analysis of large amounts of information to derive intelligence for improved operational efficiency and competitiveness. We also pay attention to security in cloud computing and privacy-enhancing technologies and advanced cryptography approaches.



Integrated Framework for Security of Financial Infrastructures
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Integrated, intelligent, collaborative and predictive approach to the security of critical infrastructures in the financial sector