Geospatial Applications

Living in a spatially-enabled world
Description / Emerging Technologies: 

Relation to current technological trends:

  • Cloud computing, Big Data and HPC - Moving existing geospatial solutions in different domains to the cloud and Big Data paradigm in order to accommodate to customers needs of scalability and performance:
    • Open data for precision farming agriculture.
    • Storage and (near) real-time analysis of large amounts of vector based-data (e.g. satellite imagery, VGI) and satellite imagery using well-known big data tools (e.g. Hadoop, MongoDB) complemented with GIS-optimized solutions such as PostGIS and Rasdaman.
    • Early warning systems on the cloud for increased performance and interconnection in Crisis Management.
    • HPC for real-time execution of complex calculation and scientific models (e.g. tsunami simulations).
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities
    • Location awareness IS a core component of the Internet of Things.
    • Sensor management/data access through OGC SWE standards (Working group in OGC to align SWE with IoT approach).
  • Crowdsourcing
    • Commonly known also as Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), which relies on web-based applications and/or mobile devices for collecting user-generated data.
    • Community-based mapping (e.g. OpenStreetMap, crisis/disaster mapping).
    • Crowdsourced sensoring: Typically used in the Environment domain (e.g., environmental observation through (human) sensors but also starting to grow its acceptance in disaster/hazardous events.
Critical Mass / Market: 
  • Expertise in GIS technologies and standards, which have been applied in different projects/domains (e.g. OGC, INSPIRE, GEOSS, ORCHESTRA).
  • Expertise in the Environmental and Crisis Management domains.
  • Strong partners network in the GIS community.
  • DEWS Early Warning System as main result (used in three projects: FOODIE, DRIVER, ARTIST).
  • Experience in integration of sensor data.
  • Shifting to big data/cloud paradigm (experience being gained in FOODIE and DRIVER projects).
Relation between the Research Line and Atos Portfolio : 
  • Solutions/Projects are clearly aligned with Atos business areas and can provide support for bidding opportunities
    • Environment and Agriculture (e.g. Spanish Ministry of Environment and Agriculture) with FOODIE, ENVIROFI and EO2HEAVEN projects.
    • Homeland and Security with ORCHESTRA, DEWS, ICARUS and DRIVER projects.
    • SmartCities, Transport, Tourism, Health.
    • Helix Nebula/Canopy.
  • Collaboration with other Atos divisions in tenders
    • GEMMA Emergency Management Solution.
    • Smart Cities (Madrid City Council).