A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework
Short Description: 

Aims at developing a decentralised social media platform to address the dynamic nature of human communication in a contextual, spatial, and temporal dimension, while introducing novel concepts for social graph creation and management, which are grounded in trust and transparency.

Full Description: 

Imagine a new social network concept which allows you to connect with people, stores, institutions and even sensors according to your specific needs, interests, geographical position or availability; a dynamic and under request social network where you are the real owner not only of your personal data but also your texts, images, videos or whatever other content you generate, and now imagine if on top of that you are able to get benefits from it thanks to a secure and trustworthy rewarding system. That is HELIOS.

The project aims to provide people with technology to empower meaningful relationships through a Social Network Platform, by allowing users to build and evolve connections in the same way they can do it in the real-physical context, while providing them full control of their data with advanced trust and privacy features, to become a disruptive force in the European Social Media landscape by laying and redefining the foundation for a new Social Network vision grounded on transparency and verification.

The platform also provides an extension for mobile operating systems, especially Android, providing easy-to-apply peer-to-peer social media functionality for 3rd party developers, which allows it to be built in a modular and extensible manner, upon open source, ensuring that social media designers can easily create novel social media apps on top of HELIOS in the future, beyond the end of the project.


  • Support the ad-hoc creation and management of social graphs within the context and proximity of the users
  • Provide and built all necessary means and features to ensure the highest level of trust and control, which includes among others novel decentralization, content creation and sharing as well as new ways to control monetisation channels for rewarding users.
  • Ensure the highest level of privacy in line with all the necessary ethical and legal requirements.
  • Validate these concepts in project piloting together with novel social media features, such as innovative feedback technology and shared spaces.

Pillars and principles of the implementation strategy:

  • Aging-resilient platform
  • Trustworthiness
  • Real-life Social Experience ONLINE
  • Easy content production and delivery
  • Friendly architecture

Thanks to the Design Fiction methodology, HELIOS features will be validated on three real-life use cases related to:

  • Matchmaking > Connecting People
  • Smart Environment > HELIOS Cultural Hub
  • Prosuming > Citizen Journalism

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January, 2019 to December, 2021
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