High Performance Computing

Why do we need ever-higher performing computers?
Description / Emerging Technologies: 

Many industrial scenarios require very advanced computation capabilities due to the big amount of data to be analyzed and to the really complex calculations to be performed. HPC is the technology which enables handling with such complexity, providing the technical solutions, which will bring industry to a new era where simulations, advanced modeling and improved visualization will enable the engineering and manufacturing of new products, so they will be more cost-efficient, safe and more advanced.

  • Non-functional properties in HPC/HTC:
    • SLAs and related monitoring
    • Nodes trust and dependability/availability-related metrics
    • Energy management and cost
    • Dynamic applications profiling and allocation
  • Optimization of resources allocation in HPC:
    • Hybrid solutions Cloud + Physical hardware
    • Exploit existing infrastructures as much as possible (complementary applications)
    • Non-functional properties-aware allocation
  • Exploit advanced virtualization in the HPC environment with accelerators (in different application domains):
    • Traditional resources (CPUs, Storage and Network) through Containers
    • GPUs
    • FPGAs
    • Others (MPPAs, DSPs…)
  • Low power computing for embedded systems
    • Management of embedded HPC devices
    • Real-time data analytics with a parallelized Complex Event Processing engine
  • Programming models for exploiting HPC capabilities and co-design
Critical Mass / Market: 

Atos has already experience in many topics related to HPC and the domains where it can be applied:

  • Previous Grid related projects (BeinGrid, Elegi, Akogrimo, Grasp, etc...)
  • Cloud research – virtualization and HPC as a service...
  • Research in the Big Data topic (VELASSCO)
  • Research in Energy-related topics (ASCETiC)

Thanks to this experience, several members of the team have knowledge about parallelization and the usage of accelerators.

The following projects are active in the RL:

  • Fortissimo2: HPC simulation for SMEs in the manufacturing sector, by means of many experiments;
  • CoeGSS: Exploitation of HPC capabilities for Global System Science applications;
  • MSO4SC: Provision of Maths-as-a-Service, thanks to an e-Infrastructure able to manage Math Application Development Frameworks.
Relation between the Research Line and Atos Portfolio : 

The acquisition of Bull has opened new opportunities related to HPC technologies. Atos Managed Services (MS) Line has expanded its offer in order to achieve full solutions:

  • Deployment of Data Centres
  • Maintenance & Improvements
  • Monitoring of the Infrastructure

Consulting and Systems Integration has a line related to consultancy for configuring infrastructure needs, which may benefit from the knowledge generated by the HPC research line.

Finally, Bullion Servers is a Bull Product (http://www.bull.com/bullion-servers) which could benefit from the research performed:

  • For Big Data and Cloud Computing mainly
  • Massive In-memory processing
  • Scalable