Securing corporate & personal identity in cyberspace

Secure identity and privacy technologies are key enablers for citizens to interact safely in our Digital Society and for businesses addressing Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0.  They allow to efficiently protect who and what we are, addressing -in all aspects of life involving ICT and online services- fundamental human rights and freedoms including the right to personal data protection.

Both the assurance of identity data security and advanced privacy protection create key competitive advantage for Atos and for our public and private partners, having in focus both end-user and customer concerns in this regard and the existing threats which create social alarm and hamper trust in eServices of global digital markets and ICT systems in general.

Our vision is all-encompassing and considers the role of identity and privacy in the context of the latest areas of technological innovation in close interaction with other ARI teams.

  • Provide, through secure identity schemes for interoperable Identity and Access Management and the protection of identity-related (in compliance with regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR or eIDAS), the basic enablers of trust and security that all stakeholders in the eServices value chains, need.
  • Focus on innovative technological trends in all areas to serve the needs of the R+I sectors offering trustworthy solutions and assets and fostering competitive advantages in an increasingly complex and distributed environment.
  • Provide advanced and customized eID privacy solutions, that can achieve for Atos customers compliance with regulatory requirements, more efficiency, competitive advantage, reduced fraud and enhanced trust and cooperation with public and private stakeholders.
Main Activities: 
  • Electronic Identity Management Technologies
  • Digital/Electronic Identity Technologies
  • Cryptography and Electronic Trust Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Protection by Design and Privacy Engineering Methodologies
  • Border Control & Biometrics
  • Interoperable eID and managed IAM solutions will be key enablers of secure and seamless access to eServices (e.g. CEF eID and eIDAS).
  • eID, eIDM, trust services, advanced cryptography and privacy/security-by-design as fundamental enablers of Trust in Future Internet & Cloud.
  • Complex Identity Federation & Data Exchange Scenarios, including scenarios involving Big Data, Cloud Computing and/or IoT.
  • Simultaneously strong (multi-factor) and user-friendly authentication.
  • Identity & Privacy Assurance.
  • Auditing and Compliance.
Current Research Topics and Findings: 
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies and advanced cryptography approaches as building blocks for privacy-enhancing identity management and data management in trusted and untrusted domains, data protection provider approaches and technological facilitators for regulatory compliance.
  • Identity Management-as-a-Service (IDMaaS) & Networked Identity services composable with other services in the Cloud (identity as a commodity).
  • Efficient, integrated and smart border control solutions facilitating information sharing across large systems.
  • Privacy-by-Design (PbD) including Privacy Impact Assessment, cost & value of privacy compliance, data protection in context of Big Data applications, full identity data lifecycle management.
  • Biometrics: Crypto-biometrics, Cancellable biometrics, Mobile biometrics.



Automated border control gates for Europe
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Makes border control more flexible by enhancing the workflow and harmonizing the functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates.


Reliable European Identity Ecosystem
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Comprehensive framework for reliable e-identity ecosystem to improve identity, trust and security, with better support to law enforcement.


Big Data for Medical Analytics
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Enhancing patient outcomes and increase productivity in the health sector by applying Big Data technologies to complex datasets while ensuring security and privacy of personal data.


Cross fertilisation through alignment, synchronisation and exchanges for IoT
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Stimulating collaboration between IoT initiatives, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms.


Secure cloud identity wallet
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Innovative cloud-based services for storing, managing, and sharing digital identity information relying on the combination of strong hardware-based multi-factor authentication with end-to-end encryption.


eIDAS-Enabled Student MObility
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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

Interoperable use of and uptake of CEF eID in Higher Education sector, especially in Spain, Norway, and Greece, promoting the broader development of cross-border activities.


Functional ENcryption Technology
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Development of new Functional Encryption (FE) as an efficient alternative to the all-or-nothing approach of traditional encryption.


Leveraging eID in the Private Sector
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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

Enables private sector electronic services providers to connect to the Pan-European elDAS infrastructure for cross-border electronic identification and authentication.


Lightweight infrastructure for global heterogeneous trust management in support of an open ecosystem of stakeholders and trust schemes
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Global, cross-domain trust infrastructure that renders it transparent and easy for verifiers to evaluate electronic transactions and make domain-specific trust decisions.


Platform for Privacy-preserving Data Analytics
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Addressing the privacy concerns when data analytics tasks are performed by untrusted third-party data processors with the design and development of dedicated privacy-preserving data analytics modules.


Privacy and security maintaining services in the cloud
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Enable end-to-end security for cloud users and provide tools to protect their privacy with the best technical means possible - by cryptography.


Empowering privacy and security in non-trusted environments
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Automatic and efficient privacy provisioning solutions, keeping data confidential in the untrusted environment, while the data owner can use the data in the encrypted domain.