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Clara Pezuela

Fostering the innovation, technology transfer and new business from research results


The Innovation Hub (IH) unit was born to foster and facilitate the innovation at the Research and Innovation department (ARI). In order to achieve such mission, about twenty business consultants and communication experts work in collaboration with researchers, technicians and managers in innovation projects to support them in finding the best way to communicate and bring their technological results closer to the market; to envisage the impact that future research may have on the market; and to facilitate the transfer of generated innovative results to Atos business units.

The main objectives of the IH are:

  • Maximize the impact of the ongoing research projects in and out of Atos. Thanks to the large and extensive experience of Atos in this kind of projects, we apply an own and proven methodology based on latest marketing and business development techniques, and a catalogue of good practices and examples for plans and reports, which have entailed satisfactory results in numerous projects.
  • Transfer the solutions we consider relevant to generate new business in Atos, bringing the research results closer to the market and demonstrating the innovative capacity of Atos. This requires establishing a permanent link with the business units and communicate internally in an efficient and constant manner our results.

To ensure a proper transfer, we provide incubation units for the most promising solutions aligned with the company’s strategy. The idea is to transform ARI results into solutions reusable in commercial projects. Each incubator is in charge of maturing and evolving the seed solution, by fostering the development of pilots with customers or internal proof of concepts, to show the business feasibility of the solution.  Besides, each incubator (called shuttle) supports the elaboration of commercial bids and tenders which include the use of such solutions; provides training to the business units; and offers technical support to deliver projects born from the transferred solution. 

FIWARE shuttle

FIWARE is an open standard framework for developing smart applications supported by the FIWARE Foundation. Atos has a complete and end-to-end offering on FIWARE and several solutions based on it (CityGO and Atos Urban Data Platform). The shuttle is incubating the Atos Urban Data Platform, an open and standard solution for smart cities based on FIWARE technology. It allows integrating and collecting information from sensors and other data sources, normalizing that data and processing it to provide aggregated and intelligent views of data to support the decision making. As part of this shuttle we are also commercializing CityGo, the intelligent mobility application for transportation in cities. An expert team in FIWARE technologies and smart cities context is working with customers and Atos business units to leverage a long term investment in research.

AGORA shuttle

AGORA is an Open B2B data-sharing platform for the automotive market. It handles access and trade-off of data from different mass data sources (Connected Vehicles, Home Systems, etc.) allowing Services Providers to create new B2B and B2C data-based products and services taking the opportunity to connect to thousands of data consumers which aims to access to digital infotainment tailored services to address specific customer’s needs.

MASAI shuttle

MASAI is a Data Collector and System Integrator middleware solution focused on IoT devices and built by a set of components tackling three different issues: communication, management of the devices and handling of data. It is an efficient data integration software for manufacturing systems allowing to collect data from a variety of IoT devices in the manufacturing domain (Industry 4.0), that is not entirely covered by existing proprietary solutions. Offered as a plug-and-play component, it is very simple to be installed, used and maintained.