Funding Amount: 
2017-01-01 to 2020-12-31
Atos Spain

The InteGridy project aims at integrating cutting-edge technologies, solutions and mechanisms in a scalable Cross-Functional Platform of replicable solutions. This platform connects existing energy networks to diverse stakeholders, with enhanced observability of both generation and consumption profiles, facilitating the optimal and dynamic operation of the Distribution Grid, fostering the stability of the electricity grid and coordination of distributed energy resources, Virtual Power Plants and innovative collaborative storage schemes within a continuously increased share of renewable energy.

Value Proposition: 
  • Integration of existing smart-metering/automation systems with IoT infrastructure enabling interoperability through standard APIs and efficient data collection and monitoring of grid assets.
  • Novel modelling and profiling mechanisms allowing the creation of network topology and Demand Response models, together with battery cycling and charging profiles.
  • Predictive algorithms enabling dynamic scenario-based simulation and multi-level forecasting for managing real-time demand and supply of energy and optimised decision making.
  • Powerful and efficient visual analytics and end-user applications using novel human-machine interaction techniques.
  • A security access control framework built upon the standardization, regulatory environment for privacy and data protection.
  • Innovative business models providing important tools to the energy market for dynamically involving Demand Response strategies and allowing new energy market entrants.

The overarching methodology of the project seeks to integrate tools, methods, and technologies from computer science and electrical engineering with control engineering (automation and control of distributed storage sources) and chemical engineering (assessment of optimum behavior and cycling of batteries, heat storage, and hydrogen-enabled systems). 

It will follow a pilot-driven approach as its overall goal concentrates on the fulfillment of actual needs and requirements. A set of innovative methods/mechanism integration will be targeted by inteGRIDy activities that will result in exploitable products with high commercialisation potential.

Business Impact: 

The project will release an integrated platform of the enhanced version of already existing tools together with proper models and methodologies for smart cooperation between energy users and the Grid. These results will significantly contribute to the market of services that a new generation of energy users will be able to provide to the operators of the energy distribution networks.

The technological solutions the project will bring into the market will enable win-win cooperation among energy stakeholders in the frame of a continuously evolving regulatory framework that, even though at different speeds in different countries, is currently opening new internal markets of energy and energy-related services.

These technological innovations introduced in the project will allow the involved SMEs to act as enablers for the application of innovative demand response schemes, ensuring the smooth and acceptable introduction of demand as a high-value actor in the energy markets.