New media and digital content management are strategic growth areas for Atos
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Francesco D'AndriaHead of Media Sector


The Media sector encompasses two complementary perspectives. On one hand there is the media industry (broadcast, content production, press, etc.), and on the other, media and gaming technologies such as digital content management, 3D audio and video analysis, Big Data social media analysis, augmented and mixed reality, among others.

In terms of clients, there tend to be either very large media conglomerates and/or broadcasters or small, agile technology companies.


The main goal is to improve the positioning of Atos in Media, New Media and Digital Content Management. These areas are quickly becoming a strategic growth area for Atos and this will drive the research topics of this sector with a strong market orientation.

The design and development of ICT tools that support:

  • Multi-platform efficient Media content management, search, retrieval and content distribution.
  • Content recommendation and personalized advertising through content characterization, content annotation, datafusion and profiling.
  • Rich multimedia user experience.
  • Social network analytics.
  • Non-leisure gaming and gamification technologies.
Main Activities: 

Besides participating in R&D projects, the Media sector supported Atos Major Events for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It also contributed to the Olympic Broadcasting Services webcasting solution for the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and for the second Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing.

We also follow the activities of the New European Media (NEM) initiative.


The biggest challenge is to convert the extensive knowledge accumulated by this sector during last years in different R&D projects related to media technologies into assets that are useful to the rest of Atos Group.

The focus is on the following challenges:

  • Content annotation and enriched metadata for multimedia.
  • Multimedia search, distribution and retrieval.
  • 3D and virtual worlds.
  • Streaming (P2P, 3D, SVC, MDC, etc.).
  • Social media analytics related to media content
Current Research Topics and Findings: 
  • Metadata, especially for sports: Mpeg, 7 MPEG 21, SprotML, EventML, Major Events, etc.
  • Realtime recommender systems
  • Personalized Content
  • Multimedia search and retrieval
  • P2P streaming
  • Social media analytics
  • Second Screen
  • New user interfaces for access to multimedia (multitouch, Kinect, tablet)
  • Digital archiving



Collaborative creative design platform
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Implementation of a semantically driven collaboration framework to be integrated into future synchronous collaborative design environments to assist professional industrial designers on the early stages of the design process.


Facility for large-scale adaptive media experimentation
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Development and operation of an experimental infrastructure for media content delivery that combines VSNs and ICN to optimize efficiency and user experience.


Gamification of prosocial learning for increased youth inclusion and academic achievement
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Delivery of a series of disruptive innovations for the production and distribution of prosocial games that engage children and technology transfer from the games industry to the educational sector.


Multimedia search and retrieval over integrated social and sensor networks
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Research and implementation of a scalable open source next generation multimedia search engine that will be able to search information stemming from the physical world.


Trusted Citizen - LEA collaboration over social networks
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Open, flexible, secure and resilient socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration of citizens and law enforcement officers.