Funding Amount: 
EIT Digital

More than 90% of manufacturing companies in Europe are SMEs. When trying to adopt Industry 4.0 paradigm, there is a big challenge for SMEs to access new technologies, to acquire the right skills and to transfer their products to the market.

Value Proposition: 

MIDIH aims at producing a one-stop-shop for Manufacturing SMEs to provide them technological, business and skills building services.

This one-stop-shop will be focused on CPS/IoT and will cover the following three areas:

  • Nine ICT-driven Competence Centres, each specialized in key facets of the CPS/IoT enabling technologies, to provide unique technology-business-skill building services (access to knowledge and competencies, access to technology and experiments, access to local market and finance) to SMEs.
  • A cross-border network of three Lighthouse experiments in some of the most relevant manufacturing industrial sectors, emphasizing the free flow of data across borders and focusing on the aspects of standards, data security and privacy, also from a legal-policy viewpoint. We have identified an Automotive Industrial case in Italy, a Cutting Tools Industrial case in Spain and a Collaborative Manufacturing and Logistics Industrial case in Germany.
  • An SME-oriented Access to Market sustainable program to overcome the current barriers preventing startups and SMEs to directly address the Manufacturing Industry market.

The main outcomes of the project will be:

  • The MIDIH ecosystem of Competence Centers and DIHs: The MIDIH ecosystem is composed by the three existing pan-EU DIHs.
  •  The MIDIH Open Source Digital Platform: The MIDIH Open Platform extends the Open Source BEinCPPS Platform with new components and functionalities.
  • The MIDIH Collaboration Platform for pan-EU and Regional DIHs: A DIH is a network of Competence Centers behaving as a one-stop-shop for SMEs to access technology, knowledge and market. 
Business Impact: 

The main impact of the project is to provide the network of DIHs and CCs with new technological and business services in areas not previously covered, such as real time data analytics, edge fog computing and data sovereignty among others, extend the network in Eastern Europe to leverage of the growing manufacturing industry in that area, reinforce the connection between the network’s nodes to improve partnership across Europe and allow advanced experiment and sustain the ecosystem in the long term through an efficient mechanism of finance based on the provision of added values skills and services as well as collaboration with local initiatives. Thus, MIDIH will make a fundamental step in ensuring that ANY company, ANYWHERE in Europe, even FAR from traditional business centres is empowered with the technical, financial, business development and market access tools, skills and resources to develop INNOVATIVE and VALUABLE CPS-IOT PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

The main final outcome is to improve EU competitiveness through the development of a knowledge intensive data-driven SME ecosystem with higher value services and increased productivity.