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Optimise energy grid efficiency and reduce end-user costs thanks to the single prosumers platform, developed by RENAISSANCE

Started in May 2019, RENAISSANCE Project delivers a community-driven, scalable and replicable approach to implement new business models and technologies.

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DataBench Project released the results of its survey on 700 European companies focused on their actual or planned use of Big Data and Analytics

Madrid, Spain – DataBench project conducted a survey on 700 European Businesses in 11 EU Member States to evaluate the level of adoption of Big Data a


ICT 2018

Presentation of the results of the HeartMan Project
Carlos Cavero
Vienna, Austria
Dec 2018

Workshop on Personalized Health & Intelligent Workplaces Transforming Ergonomics pHIWtE’18

Presentation of the Paper: Towards Digital and Personalized Healthcare and Well-being Solutions for the Workplace
Rome, Italy
Jun 2018

Fly-Sec Cluster Meeting of Border Security Projects

BODEGA - Border Security Projects Presentations
Raúl Sevilla
Brussels, Belgium
Jun 2018

SDW Conference

Big data analytics as a support tool for risk analysis
Raúl Sevilla
London, UK
Jun 2018

ERNCIP meeting

ZONeSEC at the end of the road
Jose Ramón Martínez
London, UK
Nov 2018

Prizes and Awards

enerTIC Awards 2018 - ELVITEN Project finalist at the Smart Mobility category

Dec 2018

The project ELVITEN, that demonstrates how electric light vehicles (EL-V) can be used in urban areas while integrated to the existing transport network at six European cities, won a recognition for being a FINALIST at the VI enerTIC Awards to the Innovation and Technology for Energy Efficiency at

Best paper award at 13th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2018)

Sep 2018

Paper title: Flashlight: A Novel Monitoring Path Identification Schema for Securing Cloud Services > Ruben Trapero

Best Booth Award at EuCNC for the IKaaS Project

Jun 2017

The iKaaS project received the "Best Booth Award" at the EUCNC 2017, held in Oulu, Finland from 12-15th of June. The exhibition comprised some 40 stalls, showing both commercial and research demos. The iKaaS booth was voted as the best demo at conference.

Best Position Paper Award at Cloud Forward 2016

Oct 2016

The position paper produced by the RAPID project "Heterogeneous Secure Multi-level Remote Acceleration Service for Low-Power Integrated Systems and Devices" won the Best Position Paper Award, selected by the International Scientific Committee, presented a

Thinking Cities AWARD for the MoveUs project!

Dec 2016

Madrid wins the 'Thinking Cities' Award thanks to the MoveUs project, in which ARI is highly involved.