Funding Amount: 
2015-01-01 to 2016-06-30
Atos Spain

One of the most important problems for Cloud adoption is uncertainty around cloud contracts and SLAs (Jurisdiction, liability, service definition, small print, etc.), which leads to risk and lack of adoption.

SLALOM aims to tackle different challenges and expects to address some of the top problems for potential adopters of Cloud services (Adopters -public administrations, large companies, and SMEs; Cloud Service Providers; Legal Firms and Profession -either providing services or expert groups influencing the practice on Cloud SLAs: Legal firms and Profession influencers; Policy Makers; Standardization bodies; Scientific Community and Researchers).

We identify the following top problems:

  • Lack of knowledge about what are fair and reasonable contractual terms and conditions related to service levels.
  • Lack of knowledge about how service levels need to be specified technically to provide meaningful protection for adopters.
  • Lack of resources – financial and personnel – to be able to research the issues.
  • Lack of clout to get some cloud service providers to offer fair and balanced provisions.

One of our most important goals is pursue “consensus” among adopters and providers, and create a practical reference for doing business in the cloud. It is important to hear what is important for all stakeholders in the marketplace. SLALOM takes a collaborative approach by contacting real market stakeholders, and Close the Gap between Cloud Adopters and Providers:

  • Cloud Service Providers can base their own SLA contractual clauses and technical specifications on the SLALOM recommendations.
  • Cloud Adopters will identify use of SLALOM to mean trustworthy and fair service level contractual terms and technical specifications.
Value Proposition: 

SLALOM is a ready to use Cloud SLAs. SLALOM turns theory into practice, providing a trusted verifiable starting point for providers and business users to negotiate SLAs for doing business in the Cloud in a simple, fair and transparent way.

ISO will tell you WHAT. SLALOM will help you with HOW. SLALOM provides additional assurance for the uptake of cloud services with its SLA model legal clauses and technical specifications, using a trustworthy base which is practical, fair, and understandable, while saving time and resources.

  • Understandable:
Cloud SLAs are not simple, but SLALOM is. We establish the baseline to allow you focus only on what matters so you can make the safe jump into the cloud! SLALOM provides guidance for the use of its model terms and specifications saving time and money.

  • Practical:
  • Make your life simpler. Forget about SLA uncertainty. SLALOM provides practical templates for SLA contractual clauses and technical specifications. Slalom gives you a trusted verifiable starting point for service providers and adopters to negotiate with its guidance materials and its flexible framework built on top of ISO, which can be adapted to suit a variety of requirements and verticals.

  • Safe & Fair:
  • Compete on value. Take it or leave it is not an option. SLALOM’s model terms and specifications are designed to be fair and balanced, not giving hidden advantage to either providers or adopters. Consensus between all stakeholders and promotion of safe and fair models’ is needed. We are aligned with organizations that are driving the uptake of recommendations both by cloud providers and consumers such as EC, standards organizations, and industry associations.


    SLALOM offers a ready to use Cloud SLA baseline with template documents considering ISO standards that addresses technical and legal aspects. SLALOM outcomes will be:

    • SLA Legal Terms
    • Technical Specifications
    Business Impact: 

    SLALOM will impact on both the cloud industry and market - both providers and adopters; and the research community advancing cloud computing and SLA capabilities.

    • SLALOM will reduce or eliminate the most important barriers of cloud adoption (legal barriers, including liability, responsibility, data protection confidentiality, applicable law and intellectual property) by establishing the commonly accepted and comprehensive contract model specifying clear conditions for these aspects. 

    • Standardizing contract terms and conditions in Europe will encourage competition on price 
and value differentiation, which will leverage the creation of leaner, more differentiated companies are more competitive in the global marketplace.

    SLALOM provides additional assurance for the uptake of cloud services with its templates for SLA legal model terms (legal clauses for Master Service Agreement and Service Level Agreement) and technical specifications exploiting ISO standards that will set a trustworthy base, which is practical, fair, and understandable, while saving time and resources.