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Description / Emerging Technologies: 

Our aim is focused on researching several technologies in the framework of Software Development to support the work of Sectors and Labs within ARI.

We specialise in the development of different techniques and methods regarding software development and management of complex software systems for Model Driven Software Engineering (Design-Time), Software Modeling and Simulation (Run-Time), Aspect-Oriented Software Engineering/Modeling, DSL based software modeling and development, Vector Programming/Parallel Programming, Advanced User Interface, Run-time dynamic adaptation, OSS Community Development, Choreography Service Composition, Search-based Software Engineering and architectures, Enterprise Application Integration, Automation Techniques, Test Driven Development, Test Amplification, Deep Reinforcement Learning applied to Software Engineering and Quantum Computing.


Critical Mass / Market: 

With the aim of providing the European Industry with efficient services and software infrastructures to improve flexibility, interoperability, and quality, our Research Line works close to main referents in software development such as NEXOF Software Engineering, Software Engineering Cluster, and NESSI.

Relation between the Research Line and Atos Portfolio : 

Our work contributes to strengthening our delivery on European Projects and supporting the portfolio of Atos with the development of cutting-edge technologies. 

Some main assets we have worked with are:

  • yourBPM: Framework for dynamic service composition
  • ARTIST: Model-based framework supporting the re-architecture of legacy systems
  • SUPERSEDE: Runtime Dynamic Adaptation Enactment (DAPPLE)
  • STAMP Amplification Tooling (Unit Test, Configuration Test, Runtime Test)
  • ELASTEST Platform