Innovation is essential if supply-chain stakeholders are to remain competitive
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Logistics is the backbone of economic activity and growth. It represents 10-15% of global GDP, and has made enormous impacts in terms of globalization and free trade as both an enabler and as an outcome. Moreover, supply chains are highly productive of data and yet these data involve different information systems, different user requirements, different business models and different deployment trajectories.

The Transport & Trade Logistics sector covers a range of activities to deliver advanced IT services, fast and robust solutions for the implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimization that enables the cost-effective, green and secure transit of goods through the Global Supply Chain and the urban logistics environment. Supply chain innovation is essential if manufacturing organizations are to remain competitive.


Our research goals focus on achieving competitive advantage required by supply-chain stakeholders in times of rapid changes to have a clear understanding of the direction of change, challenges and its implications for business or supply chain mechanisms.

  • Advanced technology research, development, testing and evaluation to evolve and improve the mechanisms, business and security in the transport of goods in air, land and sea environments.
  • To collaborate and work on relevant research projects.
  • To disseminate and transfer relevant research findings in the logistics domain.
Main Activities: 
  • Enable the interoperability and integration of systems, delivering cost reductions, greater efficiency and enhanced security.
  • Development of enablers to unlock the real-time information exchange across suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers without necessitating costly interfaces.
  • Usage of open standards and lightweight communication mechanisms to expose a collaborative environment in the logistics sector.
  • Encourage the exploitation of these best practice results through a targeted dissemination campaign aimed at decision makers in the logistics industry.
  • Supply chain visibility and transparency - Accurate data.
  • Enable the interoperability and integration of systems, delivering cost reductions, greater efficiency and enhanced security.
  • Development of connectivity infrastructure for collaborative and efficient data sharing among all stakeholders in the logistics sector.
  • Supply Chain Resilience - Develop the essential tools and processes necessary to create a capability of "design for resilience".
  • Security and facilitation.
Current Research Topics and Findings: 
  • Real-time Cloud Messaging AEON
  • GlObal Operation Distribution System GOAL
  • Urban logistics
  • Green logistics
  • Intermodal freight transport location based services
  • Security in the supply chain
  • Logistics Big Data
  • Collaborative solutions as collaborative SCM
  • Food supply chain optimization



Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services
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Development of a novel and open ecosystem in the form of a cross-border Vehicle Big Data Marketplace that leverages currently unused information gathered from connected vehicles.


Deploying Cooperative Logistics
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Deployment of cooperative solutions for efficient and sustainable logistics across Europe, integration of existing freight and transport systems with innovative solutions such as cooperative services and intelligent cargo.


Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem in the Supply Chain
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Ecosystem integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation to produce cost-effective, fast and robust solutions that will guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Global Supply Chain system.


Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience
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Improving Crisis Management at Member State and EU level covering society resilience, strengthening first responders and training. Atos is coordinating the consortium, has led the design of the architecture and provides a system for early warning.


Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
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Demonstration to industry, consumers and policy makers of how electric freight vehicles can provide a smart, clean and efficient solution to transport-related challenges currently affecting European cities.


Holistic Personal public Eco-mobility
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Open platform capable of combining Interoperable Fare Management and Traveler Information Systems. Smart Trip-Planning features will provide for reliable and comprehensive user experience, always proposing to travelers the best available options.