Event Presentation Title Presentation Speaker Venue Date
ICT 2015 Cloud challenges to high demanding privacy scenarios Nicolás Notario Lisbon, Portugal Link Oct 2015
EECA Cluster awareness raising and networking activities in Tbilisi Collaboration Opportunities in the Big Data Public Private Partnership and the Future Internet Programme Nuria de Lama Tbilsi, Georgia Link Sep 2015
IST Cloud and Big Data Conference Industry End-User Big Data Success Stories, Member of the Steering Committee and session moderator Nuria de Lama Frankfurt, Germany Link Sep 2015
I Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad Invited Keynote: Cybersecurity from research to practice: what can we learn from EU projects. Also interview for the RTV of Castilla y León: http://www.rtvcyl.es/Leon/532a1b72fd5da253662c (go to minute 1:00) Aljosa Pasic Leon, Spain Link, Link Sep 2015
Smart Cities Day 2015 Madrid: Situational Awareness Supporting Public Transport Passengers Juan Sancho Marseille, France Link Sep 2015
Workshop at IAA “Smart Mobility Services for the Smart City: Architectures and Solutions towards a Service Market Place” Moderator Panel "Technical solutions for the urban mobility of the future" Jose Lorenzo IAA, Frankfurt, Germany Sep 2015
Industry Track at Tenth European Conference on Technology enhanced Learning (ECTEL2015) Open issues and how to make effective Technology transfer to solve education problems. Chair of the industry track sessions Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles Toledo, Spain Link Sep 2015
Industry Track at Tenth European Conference on Technology enhanced Learning (ECTEL2015) The EMMA experiences combining MOOCs, Game based and LA approaches Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles Toledo, Spain Link Sep 2015
OpenLivingLab Days 2015 Living Labs, what path for the future? Industry needs & new Innovation ecosystems Nuria de Lama Istanbul, Turkey Link Aug 2015
Tsunami Decision Support Systems 2015 - TDSS 2015 Crisis Management Technology Workshop on behalf of DRIVER Project Miguel A. Esbrí Joint Research Centre, Ispra,... Jul 2015
EMMA-JTEL Summer school Choosing a MOOC approach that meets your objectives and suits your available resources Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles Ischia, Italy Link Jul 2015
Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2015 Quadruple Helix Innovation: Industrial views Nuria de Lama Espoo, Finland Link Jun 2015
Gestión de Crisis y cooperación de la sociedad civil y militar Proyecto Driver Jaime Martín Unidad Militar de Emergencias,... Link Jun 2015
FORCE Design Experts Workshop Mapping tool and interface of the FORCE Intelligent Decision Support System Jorge Rodriguez ATOS Madrid, Spain Jun 2015
Cloud World Forum SeaClouds organized its First Industrial Workshop to present the First Integrated Platform demo Francesco D'andria London, UK Jun 2015
Road2CPS Roadmapping Workshop Atos Vision on Cyber-Physical Systems Nuria de Lama Paris, France Link Jun 2015
FIWARE Accelerate in Birmingham FIWARE: Future Internet Open Platform Nuria de Lama Birmingham, UK Link May 2015
EGI Conference 2015 Big Data Value in Europe Nuria de Lama Lisbon, Portugal Link May 2015
iHub Bootcamp FIWARE: Challenges & Opportunities Nuria de Lama Vienna, Austria Link May 2015
Cybersecurity & Privacy Innovation Forum 2015 (CSP Forum 2015) The path towards privacy-by-design practice Nicolás Notario Brussels, Belgium- Management... Link Apr 2015
Cybersecurity & Privacy Innovation Forum 2015 WITDOM: Empowering Privacy and Security in Non-Trusted Environments Alberto Crespo Brussels, Belgium - MCE... Link Apr 2015
CloudExpo Europe 2015 London Presentation of benefits and work done around SLALOM initiative to help close the gap on Cloud SLA contracts Daniel Field London, UK Mar 2015
El futuro a través de los datos Towards interoperability profiles for open platforms. Nuria de Lama Madrid, Spain Link Mar 2015
European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing Towards interoperability profiles for open platforms Nuria de Lama Brussels, Belgium Link Mar 2015
Net Futures Start and grow your business with FIWARE, Organizer, moderator and speaker Nuria de Lama Brussels, Belgium Link Mar 2015
XVIII Reunión de Presidentes del Club Málaga Valley “Startup Paradise: Ecosistema, tecnología y negocio” Ecosistema FIWARE: motor de negocio en la UE Nuria de Lama Malaga, Spain Link Mar 2015
CIRAS 1st Stakeholders' Workshop CIRAS project overview Jaime Martín Katowice, Poland Link Mar 2015
PRIPARE Privacy Training Workshop PRIPARE Methodology Nicolás Notario Ulm, Germany Link Mar 2015
Net Futures 2015 Enhancing Smart Environments with COSMOS Andrea Rossi Brussels, Belgium Link Mar 2015
Open Europe: Open Data for Open Society. FIWARE: Future Internet Opportunities using Open Data. International Expert Panel Discussion Nuria de Lama Riga, Latvia Link Feb 2015
Open Europe: Open Data for Open Society. International Conference Europe: Big Data Challenges and Opportunities Nuria de Lama Riga, Latvia Link Feb 2015
Las Jornadas de la RAI: "Tecnología y Salud" Oportunidades para las empresas Blanca Jordan Madrid, Spain - Real Academia... Link Feb 2015
Trust in the Digital World 2015 STORK 2.0 Pilots: Bringing citizens, public and private sector closer towards the single European electronic identification & authentication area Alberto Crespo Madrid, Spain Link Feb 2015
Connected Smart Cities Conference FIWARE and FIWARE Lab opportunities for Cities & Panel “From city pilots to city deployments in community-driven cities” Nuria de Lama Brussels, Belgium Link Jan 2015
Seminarios de la Unidad docente de Geografía, Universidad de Alcalá De la I+D+I al Negocio Lydia Montandon Madrid, Spain Jan 2015
PACT Privacy Reference Framework and Decision Support System Validation Workshop Overview of the Privacy Reference Framework for Security Technology (PRFST) Demo of protoype Jaime Martín Université Saint-Louis -... Dec 2014
Security Research Conference and CPExpo Privacy by design and the societal aspects of security (http://www.centrocongressigenova.it/cp-expo-2014/agenda-programme/) Aljosa Pasic Genova, Italy Dec 2014
Open Standards for ICT Procurement: Sharing of Best Practices Open ICT architectures: FIWARE (https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/open-standards-ict-procurement-sharing-best-practices) Nuria de Lama Brussels, Belgium Dec 2014
FRACTALS Infoday FIWARE Platform, Open Source–Open Specification What’s the benefits for app developers? (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/fractals-info-day-istanbul-tickets-13951189383) Nuria de Lama Istanbul, Turkey Dec 2014
SECONOMICS Summit Security issues in Urban Public Transport (http://seconomicsproject.eu/sites/default/files/content-files/topics/SECONOMICS_SUMMIT_WP3_PANEL_INTRO_v02_1.pdf) Ricard Munné EU Commission Covent Garden,... Nov 2014