Event Presentation Title Presentation Speaker Venue Date
H2020 Information Day Preparation of a large scale demo project Pedro Soria-Rodriguez Madrid, Spain Dec 2013
IEEE CloudCom 2013 Workshop on using and building Cloud testbeds Josep Martrat Bristol Dec 2013
Valuesec - Formula 1 use case Workshop Formula 1 use case presentation and demo Jaime Martin, Dawid Machnicki Valencia, Spain Nov 2013
CGW 2013 Certification and standardisation of cloud security Aljosa Pasic Cracow, Poland Nov 2013
ICT 2013 (Networking Session) Digital Agenda for Europe - The role of trustworthy and interoperable electronic Identification. STORK 2.0: Towards a Single European eID Area Alberto Crespo Vilnius, Lithuania Nov 2013
3rd CIRRUS workshop Project presentation Aljosa Pasic Vienna, Austria Nov 2013
PACT: Second meeting of the High Level Policy Panel Presentation of the current version of the Privacy Reference Framework for Security Technology (Scope & Objectives) Pedro Soria Brussels, Belgium Nov 2013
eParticipation ICT empowering citizens ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Nuria Rodríguez Domínguez European Commission, Brussels (... Oct 2013
Games and Learning Alliance Conference (GALA Conference 2013) Chair of the session titled: "Getting serious about games for industry training to support the development of 21st Century skills." Lydia Montandon Paris, France Oct 2013
ISSE 2013 Integrating STORK Building Block for Smarter eID Access Alberto Crespo Brussels, Belgium Oct 2013
e-Challenges 2013 Certification and standardisation of cloud security Aljosa Pasic Dublin, ireland Oct 2013
Workshop "Public perception of security and Privacy" Privacy Reference Framework for Security Technology: Scope & Objectives, Outcomes and Intended Audiences. PRFST analysis of the dual role of the use of technology to generate or mitigate privacy issues Alberto Crespo Madrid, Spain Oct 2013
Workshop "Public perception of security and Privacy" Methodological Approach: Choosing suitable privacy controls to mitigate privacy threats. Israel Rodriguez Madrid, Spain Oct 2013
Cloud Security Alliance EMEA Congress Certification and standardisation of cloud security Aljosa Pasic Edinbourgh, UK Sep 2013
World eID Congress / First STORK 2.0 Industry Group Meeting Real-world pilots and experiences of STORK utilization Jaime Martín Nice, France Sep 2013
Workshop sobre IMMIGRATIONPOLICY2.0 ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Nuria Rodriguez Dominguez Consejería de Asuntos Sociales... Jul 2013
11ª IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics 2013 Supporting Design and Development of Proactive Decision Engines and Distributed Cooperative Human-Machine-Systems Bochum, Germany Jul 2013
XIV Conferencia Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Información Geográfica La internet del futuro y el tratamiento de la información Medioambiental María Guadalupe Rodríguez Díaz, Miguel Angel Esbrí Palomares Videoconferencia con... Jul 2013
2nd CIRRUS workshop Security issues in Cloud Interoeprability and Portability Aljosa Pasic Kyoto, Japan Jul 2013
FUNEMS - Future Networks and Mobile Summit Lara Lopez Lisbon Jul 2013
13th European Conference on eGovernment - ECEG 2013 Poster - BIG Work in Progress: Big Data Public Private Forum and Public Sector Ricard Munné Como, Italy Jun 2013
IFIP Trust Management Conference Industry session: From theory to practice Aljosa Pasic Malaga, Spain Jun 2013
DIMACS/BIC/TAFC workshop Certification and standardisation in Cloud Security Aljosa Pasic Malaga, Spain Jun 2013
ValueSec - Validation Workshop Risk Reduction Assessment approach in Valuesec Jaime Martin Munich, Germany Jun 2013
European Cloud and Identity Conference e-Identity Assurance Aljosa Pasic Munich May 2013
Nessos Workshop Risk Analysis and Management based on Magerit methodology. Jaime Martin Málaga, Spain May 2013
Hand-on FIRE demonstrations Building service testbed on FIRE Josep Martrat Dublin May 2013
CSP Forum Public Private Partnerships in ICT security Aljosa Pasic Brussels, Belgium Apr 2013
CSP Forum Assurance in the Cloud Aljosa Pasic Apr 2013
GEO European projects workshop-7 Earth Observation and environmental modelling for the mitigation of health risks Jorge López Casa de la Convalescència,... Apr 2013
Future Internet PPP policy workshop Certification and standardisation in Cloud Security Aljosa Pasic Brussels, Belgium Mar 2013
ENVIROFI day ENVIROFI Vision and Results Achieved Jose Lorenzo Dublin National Convention... Mar 2013
ValueSec - Second Advisory Board Meeting Presentation of the ValueSec toolset prototype Jaime Martin Berlin, Germany Feb 2013
EO2HEAVEN stakeholder training workshop EO2HEAVEN software tool development Jose Lorenzo CSIR Campus, Pretoria, South... Feb 2013
1st CIRRUS workshop CIRRUS project presentation Aljosa Pasic Brussels, Belgium Feb 2013
FOCUS Final Symposium Future security trends and their impact from an industry point of view Ricard Munné Krems, Austria Jan 2013
FOCUS final workshop Presentation "Cybersecurity Challenges" Aljosa Pasic Krems, Austria Jan 2013
Proyecto Piloto IMMIGRATIONPOLICY2.0 ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Nuria Rodriguez Dominguez, Ana María Piñuela Marcos Consejería de Asuntos Sociales... Jan 2013
eParticipation Workshop ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Nuria Rodriguez Dominguez European Commission, Brussels... Jan 2013
UCAMI & IWAAL 2012 – 6th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence and 4th International Workshop on Ambient Assisted Living Ubiquitous Tele-monitoring Kit (UTK): measuring physiological signals anywhere at anytime Carlos Cavero Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain Dec 2012