Event Presentation Title Presentation Speaker Venue Date
INnovautas 2012 Cómo se instaló el sistema de alerta temprana de tsunamis en Indonesia José María Cavanillas Madrid, Spain Mar 2012
Cloudscape IV - Advances on Interoperability and Cloud Computing Standards conference Organization of the event in the context of SIENA project Josep Martrat, James Ahtes Brussels, Belgium Feb 2012
EuroGEOSS Conference, "advancing the vision of GEOSS" EO2HEAVEN. Earth Observation and ENVironmental modelling for the mitigation of HEAlth risks Angel Palomares Madrid, Spain Jan 2012
4th EU-Japan Symposium on the "New Generation Network" and the "Future Internet" Cloud Infrastructures for Smart Scenarios Jesus Gorroñogoitia TKP Tokyo eki Yaesu Conference... Jan 2012
epractice event: User centric eServices Cockpit: Citizens Collaboration & Co-Creation in Public Service Delivery Fernando Kraus Brussels, Belgium Dec 2011
ENTER2012 ConTur: an intelligent content management system for the tourism sector Germán Herrero Helsingborg, Sweden Dec 2011
NMP Cluster on Nanomedicine Meeting Multifunctional Nanotechnology for advance diagnosis Cesar Mediavilla Paris, France Dec 2011
6th European Ministerial eGovernment Conference and Exhibition STORK booth. Ana Piñuela , Alberto Crespo Poznan, Poland Nov 2011
Eighth Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO-VIII) EO2HEAVEN Project Miguel, J.L. Istanbul, Turkey Nov 2011
CloudCom2011 Conference “Market Implementation of Cloud Interoperability and Portability Research in IaaS and PaaS” workshop Francesco D'Andria Athens, Greece Nov 2011
EnviroInfo 2011 ENVIROFI - Environmental Information Services in the Future Internet Antonio Oliván Ispra, Italy Oct 2011
4th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL) Outlook: Intelligent Cargo in Efficient and Sustainable Global Logistics Operations David Quesada Thessaloniki, Greece Oct 2011
EnviroInfo 2011 The TaToo Semantic Case – Requirements, impacts and applications Lobo T. P. Ispra, Italy Oct 2011
DEWS Tsunami Warning System deployment in Indonesia Atos launches testing in Indonesia for the DEWS Tsunami Warning system. Miguel Ángel Esbrí, Josema Cavanillas Yakarta, Indonesia Oct 2011
Think Tank workshop - ECTEL 2011 IntelLeo workshop organisation Daniel Burgos Palermo, Italy Oct 2011
Future Internet Assembly Building a Trust Framework for Future Internet Services and Infrastructures Aljosa Pasic Poznan, Poland Oct 2011
Industry Track / ECTEL 2011 Workshop organization Daniel Burgos Palermo, Italy Oct 2011
ServiceWave 2011 Secure Software and Service Engineering NESSoS Workshòp Aljosa Pasic Poznan, Poland Oct 2011
FI Poznan 2011 Business Models and Wrap up Paul Moore Poznan, Poland Oct 2011
Information Security Solutions Europe ISSE 2011 Building a Long Term Strategy for International Cooperation in Trustworthy ICT Aljosa Pasic Prague, Czech Republic Oct 2011
ETP Nanomedicine General Assembly Multifunctional Nanotechnology for Selective Detection and Treatment of Cancer Cesar Mediavilla Barcelona, Spain Oct 2011
FIA 2011 Session 3.3: When infrastructure meets the user Antonio Oliván Poznan, Poland Oct 2011
SIENA 2nd Roadmap Workshop, EGI Technical Forum / OGF33 Conference Organisation of the workshop James Ahtes Lyon, France Sep 2011
Information Security South Africa Conference INFOSEC 2011 Future Internet in Europe: an overview of related initiatives and ICT trust and security challenges Aljosa Pasic Johannesburg, South Africa Aug 2011
The 8th Summer Shool on Ontology Engineering and Semantic Web (SSSW^11) Semantic Annotation for Multimedia and Environment Domain Mª Angeles Sanguino Gonzalez Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain Jul 2011
EFITA 2011 (European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment 8th World Congress on Computers in Agriculture Organisation of the third Rural Inclusion Annual Workshop: experiences in reducing administrative burdens in rural areas Francisco Javier de Vicente, Mercedes Arjona Prague, Czech Republic Jul 2011
Presentación del Programa de Trabajo 2012 para el 7º Programa Marco de Investigación y sus correspondientes convocatorias Ejemplo de "Best Practices" en FP7: el proyecto "Multifun" Cesar Mediavilla Madrid, Spain Jul 2011
Web2Energy Symposium "Innovative Informations - und Kommunikationstechnologien als Rückgrat von Smart Distribution" OpenNode: Open Architecture for Secondary Nodes of the Electricity SmartGrid Jose Lorenzo Darmstadt, Germany Jul 2011
METTEG e-Government conference Keynote speech: 4 x 4: The Fourth Generation of “Four-Stage” Models for e-Government Aljosa Pasic Camerino, Italy Jun 2011
1st International Conference on Social Spaces for Research and Innovation Organisation of the second Rural Inclusion Annual Workshop: experiences in implementing rural Living Labs Francisco Javier de Vicente, Mercedes Arjona Rome, Italy Jun 2011
Atos Netherlands New Media in Sport New Media Paul Moore Amsterdam, Netherlands Jun 2011
9th IFIP WG 5.11 International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems A Model for Semantic Annotation of Environmental Resources: The TaToo Semantic Framework Tomas Pariente Brno, Czech Republic Jun 2011
The European Identity Management Conference 2012 SEMIRAMIS General Presentation Charles Bastos Paris, France Jun 2011
2nd European Summit on the Future Internet ENVIROFI project presentation Josema Cavanillas Luxemburg Jun 2011
Launch Symposium of the Security Research Project FOCUS “Nexus” between the internal and external dimension of security Ricard Munne Brussels, Belgium May 2011
4th European Conference on Transport Logistics Intelligent Cargo in Efficient and Sustainable Global Logistics Operations David Quesada Thessaloniki, Greece May 2011
Future Internet Assembly Panel session: Economics of Privacy Aljosa Pasic Budapest, Hungary May 2011
Co-summit ASTUTE pro-active support decision engine Silvia Castellví Helsinki, Finland May 2011
International Workshop on Telecommunications IWT 2011 Future Internet in Europe: an overview of related initiatives and ICT security challenges Aljosa Pasic Rio De Janeiro, Brazil May 2011
IDTrack Trazabilidad, Identificación y Logística David Quesada Barcelona, Spain May 2011