ACDC - the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre
Short Description: 

Bringing together organizations from 14 European countries, including public administrations, private sector and academia, in order to achieve a sustainable victory over a powerful cyber threat commonly known as botnet.

Full Description: 

ACDC will set up an European Advanced Cyber Defence Centre to fight botnets. ACDC’s approach is to:

  • foster an extensive sharing of information across Member States to improve the early detection of botnets,
  • provide a complete set of solutions accessible online for mitigating on-going attacks,
  • use the pool of knowledge to create best practices that support organisations in raising their cyber-protection level,
  • create a European wide network of cyber-defence centres.

ACDC will deploy a comprehensive set of national support centres throughout 8 Member States interconnected to the ACDC central clearing house. Through this networked approach, ACDC will also pave the way for a consolidated approach to protect organisations from cyber-threats and support mitigation of on-going attacks through easy access to an increasing pool of solutions.