Rapid Deployment and adoption of sustainable socially-aware and intelligent sensing services for emerging smart cities
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Facilitating the fast creation of interoperable and socially-aware services for leveraging Internet of Things and Social Networking technologies.

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RADICAL will ease the fast creation of interoperable and socially‐aware services, by leveraging Internet of Things and Social Networking technologies, emerging from the results of four R&D EU‐funded projects: SmartSantander, BonFIRE, SocIoS, and +Spaces. A number of services will be integrated, deployed and piloted on top of the RADICAL platform. This platform will also facilitate tools for the smart governance and flexible replication of services across cities and regions, thus shortening the time to market and allowing SMEs, citizens and local authorities to get fully involved in the smart city business.
The RADICAL services belong to the areas of Cycling Safety, Green Products Management, Data Journalism, Participatory Urbanism, Augmented Reality, Eco‐consciousness and Commercial and Transactional data for pedestrian flows. These services will be supported by five technical SMEs and accordingly replicated across six smart cities (Athens, Santander, Aarhus, Genoa, Issy les Moulineaux, Gaziantep), and one smart region (Cantabria). Citizens will be actively involved in the co‐creation, validation and evaluation of the RADICAL approach, on the basis of the Living Lab methodology, which will engage users of the entire stakeholder chain.

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