854 128.00€
Funding Amount: 
616 815.00€
2013-09-01 to 2016-08-31
Atos Spain

In a world of multi-stakeholder information and assets provision on top of millions of real-time interacting and communicating things, COSMOS aims at enhancing the sustainability of smart city applications by allowing Internet of Things (IoT) based systems to reach their full potential. COSMOS will enable things to evolve and act in a more autonomous way, becoming more reliable and smarter.

Value Proposition: 

Things will be able to learn based on others experiences.

Adaptive selection approaches will manage the uncertainty and volatility introduced due to real-world dynamics.

Management decisions and runtime adaptability will be based on things security, trust, administrative, location, relationships, information, and contextual properties.

Extended complex event processing and social media technologies will extract only the valuable knowledge from the information flows, and analytics on networks of data objects.

Additionally, real life scenarios that evaluate and showcase COSMOS technologies supporting sustainable smart city applications.


Devices metadata: Extended things semantics structures with rich metadata capturing the “social-behavior” of things.
Situational awareness: Real-time analysis of streaming data and detection of events and their impact assessment.
Management framework: Decentralized management framework enabling the exploitation of a big number of things, while being runtime adaptable.
Security, privacy and trust: Hardware-coded security, privelets and security on storage enabling end-to-end security, privacy and trust provision.
Smarter and more autonomous things: Knowledge acquisition and analysis and experience description and sharing allowing things to evolve at runtime.
Reliable things and information: Identification of volatility and uncertainty patterns and prediction methods to ensure continuous data and information access.
IoT-targeted data stores: Workload optimized data stores enabling scalable, secure and reliable data management for IoT data storage, processing, retrieval and distribution.

Business Impact: 

The adoption of COSMOS will produce positive impacts on citizens, business, organizations and public administrations related to the city clusters, since the project tackles specific issues and challenges of those cities (environment, waste management, water management, mobility, transport, energy, social innovation, tourism…) thus producing benefits to the related stakeholders.

This is in fact one of the key aspects of COSMOS, when referring to a Smart City we are not focusing on just one single sector or interest group, instead we are referring to a network of interrelated activities, businesses, organizations, public administrations and, always, citizens that can only be understood with a view based on a multidisciplinary and multi sectorial approach.