Orchestrate next-generation e-government services
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A cloud enabled framework on various infrastructures with a set of services related to public bodies, opening new horizons in the secure and private migration, adaptation, governance and development of public cloud services.

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The main goal of the STRATEGIC project is to enable, pilot and evaluate a radical shift in the way public cloud services (and existing on-line services) can be migrated, replicated and reused across different regions, as well as in the way they can be used in the composition of novel services. To this end, the project will systematically study processes and needs associated with the secure and privacy-friendly replication, migration and extension of public cloud services and will accordingly integrate a cloud-based infrastructure (including various tools and techniques) that could successfully address these needs for a number of stakeholders including public bodies, cloud application developers, cloud service providers and ISVs.

The main ICT infrastructure to be integrated in the scope of the project will be the STRATEGIC framework, which will combine and integrate a range of technical developments from background projects (FP7 OPTIMIS, FP7 VENUS-C, FP7 STORK and CIP-PSP SEMIRAMIS) in order to open new horizons in the secure and privacy friendly migration, adaptation, governance and development of public cloud services, notably in terms of e-government services operated and used by public bodies.

Based on the STRATEGIC framework, the project will: (a) Cloud-enable several on-line public services (notably services operated by the pilot sites of the consortium), that will be published in a marketplace, along with other existing governmental public cloud services; (b) Create adapted localized version of existing governmental services, notably successful best-practice services, for public bodies (i.e. pilot sites of the consortium) residing in other EU counties and regions; (c) Create and compose new innovative services based on the composition, reuse and extension of existing public cloud services; (d) Operate those services on the basis of the involvement of real-users in real conditions in order to validate the STRATEGIC developments; and, (e) Thoroughly evaluate the public services as a means of fine-tuning the STRATEGIC framework, while also eliciting a wide range of best practices and policy development guidelines for sustaining, extending and enhancing the scope of the project's concept for public cloud services migration, development, adaptation and governance.

It focuses on cloud computing for e-government services, with the goal of enabling public sector organizations to fully leverage the benefits of public cloud services. Nevertheless, most of the functionalities of the STRATEGIC framework can help private enterprises to adopt public cloud services as well.

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