18 034 000.00€
Funding Amount: 
12 890 000.00€

The mission of the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries) project is to provide the FI PPP Core Platform with 10 industry-led use case trials in the domains of Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future (FoF).

Value Proposition: 

FITMAN Trials - 4 conducted by Large Enterprises, 6 by SMEs - will test and assess the suitability, openness and flexibility of FIWARE Generic Enablers, while contributing to the STEEP (social-technological-economical-environmental-political) sustainability of EU Manufacturing Industries.

The use case trials belong to several manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, white goods, furniture, textile/clothing, LED lighting, plastic, construction, and manufacturing assets management.


The FITMAN Smart Factory platform is the composition of a set of FIWARE Generic Enablers (GEs) and Specific Enablers (SEs) which is materialized in a functional platform for the Smart Factory domain and deals with the optimization of the production processes (in terms of production costs reduction, efficient energy usage, improvement in production reliability, production machines usage, etc.) via the monitoring and management of the production process and of its components. In this sense, it aims to collect information form the shop floor to support the real time decision making exploiting data collected and to improve predictive maintenance by monitoring the machinery.

The Digital Factory Reference Platform is composed by a set of Generic Enablers and Specific Enablers arranged through suitable open interfaces (Open APIs) in order to facilitate the development of advanced functionalities to the user. The reference platform is intended to facilitate the fast and cost effective development of innovative services and applications that connect people with the information required to perform their tasks. The reference platform is specially intended to provide support in the development of advanced & 3D data visualization services and applications.

The Virtual Factory Platform is composed of a set of 6 Generic Enablers and 7 Specific Enablers collaborating together in order to offer advanced functionalities to the user.

Business Impact: 

The platform can be seen as a Business Collaboration Platform where actors of the Virtual Enterprise can collaborate among them in order to achieve business goals. Major functionalities provided regarding tangible and intangible assets management and collaborative business process execution.

The Fitmanovationlab AKA FIWARE for Industry is initially powered by the FITMAN EU project, and it is the European community and two-sided digital platform where ICT Industry can locate resources and expertise to develop FIWARE-enabled digital platforms and where Manufacturing Industry can find FIWARE-enabled reference implementations of Industry 4.0 business processes for their competitive advantage. The synergies between LAB-HUB-ACADEMY and SHOWCASE pillars make FIWARE for Industry the digital innovation environment for Industry 4.0 Factories of the Future.

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