Consistently optimised resilient ecosystem in the supply chain
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Integrates interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation to produce cost-effective, fast and robust solutions that will guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Supply Chain.

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CORE will show how protecting and securing the Global Supply Chain, and reducing its vulnerability to disruption (whether caused by natural disasters, terrorism or other forms of undesirable or illegal activity), can be done while guaranteeing the promotion of a timely and efficient flow of legitimate commerce through the EuropeanUnion (EU) and other nations around the world. CORE will demonstrate that this can be done while at the same time offering tangible benefits to involved stakeholders (transaction, transport, regulatory and financial operators), thus facilitating its adoption by commercial entities. Consistently Optimised Resilient (CORE), is one of the largest European research and demonstration projects. The circa 70 Partners in CORE will demonstrate that supply chain security innovations researched and developed in previous projects such as CASSANDRA work in practice. In addition, several EU-Directorates are strongly engaged to the project: DG-REA (security research programme management), DG-ENTERPRISE (security policy), DG-TAXUD (customs risk management and security policy), DG-MOVE (eFreight policy) and DG-JRC (scientific support in policy implementation).

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