Information Technologies

The emerging technologies in cloud, services, parallel computing and software allow us to build the future Internet to address the major challenges of society and enterprises
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Clara M Pezuela RoblesHead of IT Market

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The Information Technologies (IT) sector addresses the IT market, including software companies, solutions integrators and software consultants.

This sector is strongly linked to the "Next Generation Cloud" Lab and "Software Engineering" and "High Performance Computing" research lines. While the lab and research lines concentrate on research projects and most of the technological developments, we provide the required support for the management of the projects and the exploitation of research results.


The sector has a twofold objective: on one hand, fostering the adoption and transfer of emerging technologies surrounding Cloud Computing, Parallel Computing, Software and Service Engineering to Atos business units. This goal allows further alignment of the research activity in these technologies with customers' needs, providing added value solutions to be included in the company's portfolio. On the other hand, promoting the use of produced R&D assets in the IT sector-related market.

Main Activities: 
  • Research and development activities dealing with IT challenges. This is mainly done through the active participation in market-driven R&D projects with cloud technologies, service and software engineering, following as much as possible an open source approach.
  • Collaboration with related Atos Business Units to collect requirements and provide them results and components from R&D projects.
  • Promote the research results inside Atos, through Business Development, Scientific Community, Center of Excellence and Market Leaders.
  • Developing support actions to create roadmaps and research agendas for future challenges in the domain of ICT, with special focus on cloud, HPC and software engineering.
  • Advanced capabilities for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Service Management and Engineering: Advanced SOA and SaaS
  • Fog Computing
  • Software Engineering techniques for software modelling and development
  • High quality user interfaces
  • Business Process Management
  • Eco-efficiency in data centers and software development
  • Platforms for the Future Internet
  • Open Source models, development and processes
  • Advanced features in high performance computing
  • HPC for IoT (embedded HPC) and hybrid infrastructures
Current Research Topics and Findings: 

The research topics mainly addressed by the associated research lines and lab are shared with the sector as well. The sector's research activities are focused on being an active part of the future roadmaps definition in different domains (Future Internet, Green IT, Services, Cloud, Software Engineering, HPC, Big Data, IoT etc) materialized through the participation in several initiatives and platforms (PLANETIC, NESSI, FI-PPP, BDVA, European Open Science, Digitising Industry in Europe, clusters, etc). While the lab and research lines are more focused on research in the short-mid term, the sector participates in the definition of a longer term view. The sector is also the driver of the market needs towards the lab. In this way the lab's research lines are aligned with Atos markets needs.



Advanced software-based seRvice provisioning and migraTIon of legacy SofTware
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Set of methods, tools and techniques that facilitate the transformation and modernization of legacy software assets and businesses.


Centre of Excellence for Global Systems Science
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Advanced decision-support in the face of global challenges. It brings together the power of HPC and some of the most promising thinking on global systems in order to improve decisions in business, politics and civil society.


Core platform that eases the creation of innovative applications by lowering the costs and complexity of serving large numbers of users globally and handling data at a large scale.


Multi-Cloud Data Analytics as a Service
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Extending the benefits of Big Data Analytics to Multi-Cloud environments offering innovative functionalities with regards to security, scalability and fault-tolerance


Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing
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Provision of an eInfrastructure focused on the optimized execution of Math Application Development Frameworks used in social science, done with a customized orchestration for OpenMP, MPI and large parallel applications.


Plataforma tecnológica para la adopción y difusión de las tecnologías de información, electrónicas y de comunicación
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Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

Spanish technology platform for the adoption and promotion of electronic, communication and information technologies.


Provision of two SLA reference models for cloud computing: one for cloud SLA legal contracts, and the other for technical SLA specifications.


SUpporting evolution and adaptation of PERsonalized Software by Exploiting contextual Data and End-user feedback
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Feedback-driven approach for software life cycle management, with the ultimate purpose of improving users’ quality of experience.