Federated identity management system - Phase II
Short Description: 

Platform with secure cross-platform identity management system (mobile/desktop), consolidation into a production environment in three national contexts with a sustainable business model.

Full Description: 

FIDES platform addresses the need to foster the take-up of digital services, in line with the EU strategy for the Digital Single Market. To this aim, FIDES provides citizens, identity providers and service providers a unique framework for federated cross-border identity management, capable of preserving users security and privacy. The solution will enable citizens to use a single sign-on to access to a multitude of digital services, managed by services providers of all EU countries in a secure way. Access will be available on mobile devices as well. Building on results achieved in FIDES first phase (2015), FIDES platform will be fine-tuned and deployed at large scale in three EU countries (Italy, Netherlands and Spain), with the ultimate goal to become a EU-wide platform for federated identity management. FIDES will be brought to the market after 2016. Based on its STORK and FutureID experience Atos has delivered, among other technical solutions, a STORK Adapter component which allows connection of service provider to brokering MPAS core FIDES component, social login adapter extending FIDES security and convenience to more end users and a Mobile Integration Service which eases mobile apps integration with the platform.

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