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Funding Amount: 
900 995.00€
2014-09-01 to 2016-12-31

Internet is transforming the daily life of individuals and businesses. How can the new opportunities be captured and ultimately translated into local economy growth?
Building an ecosystem open, sustainable and global.

Why Smart City is not yet a reality? Because too much technology focus, paid by technology supplier and despite they are promoting Open Data, there is no real monetization and business model on data yet.

An “Economy of Data” organization targets potential users and providers of data to form a multi-sided market, building shared data asset platforms to be used by the participating players.

Value Proposition: 

FIWARE proposes an open solution, alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. Besides, it is modular, so one can use only what is needed; and interoperable with other platforms and systems through well defined interfaces (APIs) based on standards. It favors a smooth integration with existing systems since it behaves as non-intrusive solution. As it avoids the vendor lock-in, the solution is portable across different platform providers.

On the other hand, the ecosystem provides a critical mass of developers by fostering cooperation and competition. This allows saving costs by sharing resources and responding to economy of scales.


An interoperable and open software platform for ‘smart’ applications, combining Cloud, IoT, Security and Big Data. Thus, the platform is a sum up of cloud hosting capabilities, a set of basic functional components (called Generic Enablers) and a rich number of added-value functions offered “as a Service”.

A powerful open innovation ecosystem where key players can meet. Offered to developers for free, they can experiment and deploy showcase using FIWARE technology and exploiting published open data.

Business Impact: 
  • FIWARE provides the passing from experimental ecosystem (FIWARE Lab) to a commercial ecosystem.
  • FIWARE providers hosting experimental/commercial applications from startups/SMEs.
  • SMEs and startups may use FIWARE Lab for experimenting. After that, SMEs and startups will generate demand for commercial FIWARE services.
  • Once the FIWARE commercial ecosystem matures, ‘early adopters’ will have a competitive advantage.
  • Although it is possible to apply it in many other domains, Smart City is the preferable domain for the use of FIWARE, because it reduces complexity, integrating a variety of smart cities-related systems.