20 140 410.00€
Funding Amount: 
13 499 000.00€
2013-04-01 to 2015-09-30
Wageningen UR

The main challenge faced by the FIspace project was the development of an integrated and extensible collaboration service, together with an initial set of domain applications, establishing the standard for supporting and optimizing inter-organizational business collaboration in global transport, logistics, and agri-food business.

Value Proposition: 

FIspace facilitates:

  • Seamless cross-organizational collaboration (information exchange, communication, coordination of activities).
  • Unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes (using Internet-connected sensors and IoT devices).
  • Rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions (apps and services).
  • Agile formation of business networks and ecosystems (social networks and app/service markets).

Fispace is a Future-Internet-based extensive SaaS-Platform that enables the seamless, efficient and effective business collaboration across organizational boundaries and facilitates the establishment of ecosystems with business benefits for both stakeholders from industrial sectors as well as the ICT industry.

  • FIspace has developed a multi-domain collaboration and integration service, based on FIWARE core platform and Future-Internet technologies, enabling radically new business collaboration opportunities between actors in a supply chain and software service providers;
  • The FIspace service is an open service that can be extended and customized for specific stakeholder demands by integrating domain apps (similar to the iPhone and Android business models);
  • A domain app store facilities the marketing of targeted applications that take advantage of the collaboration and mash up services of the FIspace and its underlying FI-WARE generic enablers;
  • A collaboration manager for business-to-business networks that supports the planning and execution of business operations from a global perspective with message-based coordination among the involved business partners;
  • Integrated techniques for monitoring and tracking on the basis of data integration from the Internet of Things, including sensor systems and smart item technologies accessible via FI-WARE generic enablers;
  • Information integration from legacy and third party systems enabled through a service-based integration layer that is enabled and supported by FI-WARE generic enablers;
  • Role-based views for the individual participants in the business networks along with integrated security and privacy management for fine-grained access control to confidential information.