Platform for wildlife monitoring integrating Copernicus and ARGOS data
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Service platform and Toolbox for European Sentinel Copernicus Earth Observation data use for biologists, ecologists, scientists and ornithologists.

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EO4wildlife main objective is to bring large communities of multidisciplinary research scientists such as biologists, ecologists and ornithologists around the world to collaborate closely together while using European Sentinel Copernicus Earth Observation more extensively and efficiently. EO4wildlife research specialises in the big data intelligent management, processing, fusion and advanced analytics with a Knowledge Base for wildlife migratory behaviour trends. The research will lead to the development of web-enabled open services using OGC standards for sensor observation and measurements and data processing of heterogeneous geospatial observation data and uncertainties. In order to reach such important objective, an open service platform with an interoperable toolbox will be designed and implemented. The platform will offer high level big data services that can be accessed by scientists to perform their respective research on species behaviour linked to environmental conditions and change of those conditions under certain threats. Also, the platform front end will be intuitive to use and access by scientists. It will reduce barriers to accessing dedicated big data services for processing geospatial environmental simulations using Sentinel Earth Observation data which are intelligently fused with in-situ observations data from other sources.

January, 2016 to February, 2019
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