Do you know how Atos can help you setting smart services based on FIWARE?

Are you looking for opportunities to combine the Internet of Things with information and Big Data services on the Cloud? The FIWARE ecosystem can offer end-to-end solutions, as it provides enabling technologies and an open source standard platform that facilitates the development of smart applications.

Atos, a leading digital services company and one of the founders of the initiative, has acquired deep knowledge of the FIWARE technologies and ecosystem. Atos is therefore a reliable provider of commercial services around FIWARE. Visit our factsheet.

A full FIWARE instance is the first thing our customers ask for when it comes to develop and deploy FIWARE based applications. An instance consists of a replication of FIWARE components and sufficient capacity quote to deploy FIWARE technologies. Based on our experience in operating one of the nodes of the FIWARE Lab – the experimental and federated cloud environment where to test and try FIWARE technologies – and thanks to Atos large expertise in managing dedicated infrastructures for multiple customers providing a professional service on infrastructure operation, we have designed a service that is adaptable to customers’ needs.

There are two options:
1. Resources consumed ad hoc, on an hourly/daily basis
2. A yearly arrangement, with reduced prices for ad hoc resources
Option 2 allows making significant savings compared to option 1 but is bound to one year commitment.

The following picture summarizes the characteristics of the different modalities:

More details regarding what is included in the services and what is optional is available here.

End-to-end integration service allowing the connection of the sensors/devices layer to our customers’ existing systems and applications.

According to analysts in 2015, Atos is positioned as one of the main players in IoT. Atos has experience in numerous vertical applications of IoT technologies and this is backed with a significant amount of commercial references. Understanding the business of our customer is crucial to provide the best IoT solution to a specific problem and context.

Atos has started to introduce FIWARE as underlying technology for Smart Cities. Actually, Atos is deploying FIWARE in two pilots, one with the city of Málaga (Spain), where a mobility app improves city transport for citizens and the other one in Eindhoven (Netherlands) about traffic management. In both cases, Atos is integrating FIWARE with existing systems, sensors and specific city services.

IoT solutions based on FIWARE. Beyond the use of FIWARE in Smart Cities, and taking advantage of Atos expertise in IoT technologies, Atos offers also vertical applications based on FIWARE for different domains, such as Industry 4.0 or Agrifood. FIWARE is a suitable technology to pilot IoT solutions in manufacturing, construction, logistics, or utilities large companies. The proven integration of FIWARE with existing commercial tools leverages the value of FIWARE for many other sectors, bringing interoperability and modularity at a competitive price.

Coaching and training services. Although the specifications of FIWARE APIs are public and royalty-free, and an open source reference implementation of each of the FIWARE components is publicly available, it is sometimes challenging to start developing FIWARE applications. To help our customers overcome the initial learning curve, Atos offers ad-hoc coaching and training services. Atos extended experience in developing FIWARE applications is extremely valuable when delivering practical training about the platform. It is particularly suited to present the overall initiative to IT companies interested in developing their own FIWARE applications or to Atos partners developing joint solutions.

For more information: Clara Pezuela at Atos