Managing affective-learning through intelligent atoms and smart interactions
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Integrated platform for adaptive learning, automatic feedback, automatic assessment of learner’s progress and behavioral state, effective learning and game-based learning.

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The MaTHiSiS product-system consists of an integrated platform, along with a set of re-usable learning components (educational material, digital educational artefacts, etc.), which will respond to the needs of a future educational framework, and provide capabilities for: i) adaptive learning, ii) automatic feedback, iii) automatic assessment of learner’s progress and behavioural state, iv) affective learning and v) game-based learning. It provides an ubiquitous learning approach from which, new models of non-linear learning schemes can be fostered in formal, non-formal and informal education contexts. This ecosystem for assisting learners/tutors/caregivers for learners with and without special needs will be introduced and validated in 5 different use cases.

January, 2016 to June, 2019
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