Personal information management ecosystems
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Modular, scalable privacy tool offering patients a dashboard that shows which caregivers have accessed their data and when. Security features include strong multi-platform authentication, authorization and audit.

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Today, it is extremely difficult to safeguard the privacy of health data in all circumstances. At the same time, the value hidden in health data for treatment, monitoring and advanced diagnosis is considerable and is worthwhile to explore. PIME combines a fully privacy respecting approach towards health data of patients with enabling capturing the health value of these data for patients, specialists, practitioners, care givers, and health centres. It does so by offering an end to end secure and privacy respecting health ecosystem to patients and a broad range of care givers. This ecosystem enforces ethical data handling by all parties. The ecosystem consists of a platform of advanced and secure data processing, a personal data store that enables fine grained control by patients and options for privacy preserving data analytics, a privacy dashboard that shows which data are kept and used and an app to support patients. PIME helps privacy engineers and software developers to produce, at reduced cost and effort, software that is compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, addressing privacy by default and end-user empowerment.

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