Automated border control gates for Europe
Short Description: 

Makes border control more flexible by enhancing the workflow and harmonizing the functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates and other Border Control Processes, aligned with Smart Borders Package of the EU.

Full Description: 

ABC4EU addressess need for making border crossings should as smooth and rapid as possible for travellers without compromising security. Uniform, automated and harmonized, Border Control Processes i.e. uniform across Europe, will benefit all kinds of passengers and EU Member States. Harmonization is addressed in areas as e-passports management, biometrics, gate design, human interface, processes, PKD certificate exchange, signalling and interoperability. ABC4EU intends to carry out a two-step system validation: the upgraded ABC systems will be integrated with National Facilitation Programme (NFP, led by Atos) and Entry-Exit System (EES) prototypes. Atos also leads development of a cost-effective prototype of handheld device, designed to assist border guards in different border scenarios. Lessons learnt from this first step will be applied for a second and final testing. In order to harmonize the ABC systems it is also needed the identification and design of a basic set of features to achieve a common user experience, involving ABC infrastructure, passenger verification processes, interface look and feel, signalling, etc. An assessment of biometric technologies (facial and fingerprint) will be done in order to evaluate, optimize and harmonize the use of 2nd generation passports for passengers identification, applying research in anti-spoofing and multi-modal biometric fusion algorithms. Special attention will be paid to Legal, Social and Ethical aspects in border crossings The research carried out in the project has to be compliance to the laws related to border controls in the European Union and totally respectful to the rights of the European and third country citizens, from the social and ethical point of view.

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