Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments
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Fostering a simplified IoT application and service development process over interworking IoT platforms.

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symbIoTe is built around the concept of virtual IoT environments provisioned over various cloud-based IoT platforms. Virtual IoT environments are an abstraction composed of virtual representations of actual sensors and actuators being exposed by their host platforms to third parties. Of course, a single virtual sensor may emit raw, aggregated or filtered data produced by many sensors residing within a host platform. It needs to be noted that the host platform defines the policies for exposing its virtual sensors to third parties. symbIoTe envisions dynamic and adaptive virtual environments since resource offerings across symbIoTe-enabled IoT platforms are also continuously changing. The environment should be able to offer a quasi-optimal set of resources to application developers in accordance with, e.g., specific sensing requirements, predefined privacy policies, required QoS, etc.

January, 2016 to February, 2019
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