Integrated climate adaptation service tools for improving resilience measure efficiency
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Exploiting/demonstrating the added value of climate services for climate-proofing of vulnerable urban and transport infrastructure.

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CLARITY will enable decision makers to assess the consequences of specific risk reduction options by trying out and comparing different options in a simulation. CLARITY will address this by following the decision support methodology that has been established by the CRISMA project. Key aspect here is to considerably simplify the comparison of scenarios, allow the end-users to “play” with scenario parameters and different performance indicators and decision criteria (e.g. cost, influence on inhabitants ´behaviour, sustainability of materials etc.), compare and rank the results. CLARITY users will be able to objectively rank the adaptation scenarios according to explicitly stated decision objectives of the different stakeholders, taking into account key performance indicators including indicators related to uncertainties. This will allow the groups of stakeholders to understand everyone’s concerns and agree on a compromise scenario. Although this approach is straightforward and easily understood by the end users, it has never been made available as part of an operational climate service as is the ambition of the CLARITY project.

June, 2017 to May, 2020
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