Operate European digital industry with products and services
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High Impact Initiative (HII), belonging to the Digital Industry Action Line of EIT Digital, to create innovative solutions and business opportunities for European industrial players, corporations, and SMEs.

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OEDIPUS pursues the creation of digital industry innovation hubs acting as hot spots of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. By the end of 2017, from the joint collaboration of 8 international partners (DFKI, CEA, Océ, Cefriel, Engineering, CRF, Atos, Siemens) and a number of SMEs working together across a newly established network of five European Innovation Center, 5 new products will be commercialized, serving as "Lighthouse projects" to increase competitiveness and generate economic growth. The outcomes of the High Impact Initiative will range from the creation of a System Integration Framework, to that of an Innovation & Collaboration Platform, a Predictive Maintenance Service for industrial printers and robots, a Robot IoT Interface, IoT Solution, and a product for Plant Condition Monitoring. In 2017, Atos contributed to the implementation of the Innovation & Collaboration Platform, developing and integrating a marketplace based on FIWARE platform. In 2018 the plan is to explore interoperability posibilities with Mindshpere (Siemens IoT platform), trying to integrate the OEDIPUS marketplace and MASAI (ARI Manufacturing Data Collector) with Mindsphere.

January, 2017 to December, 2017
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