Empowering safer homes for senior through connected technologies
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Solution for smart living and e-inclusion that can assist elderly people, predict danger and react to minimise risk in these situations.

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ESSENCE project is aimed at letting older people live at home independently for longer. Older people represent a majority of the chronic patients in Europe with a clear increasing trend in the coming years. ESSENCE will bring to the market a scalable, reliable, easy to install and use tool to improve their quality of life as well as the management of their chronic conditions, by leveraging on Partners existing technological ecosystems and assets.
The rising number of old people will increase demand for caring services, causing prices of nursing homes to soar. Those unable to afford private care, will live in a home longer endangering their safety, relying on increasingly strained family members. Emergency call buttons (e.g. wrist-worn) are often of limited use and unable to give peace of mind or additional info when not in emergency. These can rarely predict risky situations (e.g. an old person getting up) and assist accordingly.

ESSENCE makes homes safer places by “transparently” monitoring the wellbeing of old adults, with limited installations, through a solution that allows, in full respect of privacy, detecting risky situation emerging from:

  1.  real time location of people (e.g. falls, night wandering) through 3D sensors (no device to be worn);
  2.  bioparameters monitoring. It will allow creating reactive environment through integration with home automation systems for added assistance during risky situations.
January, 2017 to June, 2018
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