Fostering Innovation Networks in a Digital Era
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Innovation networks for FinTech development and integration.

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Atos participates in this project to addresses the way that networks of entrepreneurship can be fostered through activities and initiatives driven by large organisations in a manner that engages small FinTech start-ups as drivers of future innovation.  To achieve this goal the early stage researchers (ESRs) in FINDER will be trained by prominent specialists (academic and non-academic) in the relevant fields within FINDER, with Radboud University, the Netherlands, as prime academic research institution, and Atos as the leading European information technology company, as prime business partner. Both institutions operate at the forefront of collaborative and innovative research and practice, as well as training and inspiring the next generation of business and entrepreneurship researchers and entrepreneurs in the domain of inclusive innovation. 

The project also benefits from the participation of three Fintech Start-ups from Europe, Canada and USA.

A number of case studies, business models, and collaboration models will be produced in the context of the project, addressing the engagement of fintechs in innovation processes with large industry actors.

November, 2018 to October, 2022
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