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Responding to the challenges of ageing populations on the increase of chronic diseases and shortage of healthcare workers


Our mission is to support better clinical, biomedical and self-care outcomes by researching on ICT services and application of technologies such as big data, data interoperability, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain in the biomedical domain for the improvement of services for doctors, researchers, and patients; applying our knowledge and research results to the development of innovative solutions and services; and transferring technology outcomes from research projects to Atos portfolio.


While citizens expect better healthcare delivery, we are facing challenges related to demographic, budgetary and medical staff shortage pressures. The digital transformation of the healthcare system will be underpinned by:

  • Standard-based transformation of unstructured and uncodified biomedical data to standardized structures and code systems;
  • Hybrid HPC-cloud-based infrastructures for supporting big data and computational demanding analysis;
  • AI-based algorithms for unveiling biomedical complexity;
  • IoT-based ubiquitous and mobility-proof networks for keeping actors connected anytime anywhere;
  • Blockchain-based secure data sharing for patient empowerment.

Our focus is on topics such as medical data interoperability, information management, artificial intelligence for precision medicine, remote monitoring and patient assistance. In the last years, the sector has been focused on blockchain-based federated databases, bioinformatics, algorithms and big data development for omics data analysis. In addition, we believe in:

  • Interoperability layer based on SNOMED & LOINC medical dictionaries, standards for medical devices communication and electronic health records.
  • Data acquisition, curation, and integration of biomedical data, based on HL7 RESTfull transformation to generate structured data ready for data analysis.
  • Pocket mHealth empowers patients in the management of their own Electronic Health Record (EHR) and connecting with different Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Terminology Service, to provide a set of semantic operations over medical terminologies, including the linking of local codes to standard code.



Collective wisdom driving public health policies
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Integration of high volumes of health-related heterogeneous data from multiple sources with the aim of supporting policy making decisions.



Frailty care and well function
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Development of a tool to integrate and query human phenotypic data in order to early detect frailty. The goal is to permit intervention on it and the associated diseases to prevent or delay the onset of disability.


Encouraging the re-use of research data generated by publically funded research projects
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Aims at joining efforts to facilitate researchers to share and reuse databases derived from publicly funded research, within a secure environment, to accelerate the discovery and investigation of chronic diseases.


Harmonization and integrative analysis of cohorts on primary Sjögren’s Syndrome
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Development of a platform with open standards and tools, designed to enable secure storage, governance, analytics and controlled sharing of information of primary Sjogren Syndrome.


Personal decision support system for heart failure management
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Development of a personal health system for congestive heart failure (CHF) that features a Decision Support System based on predictive computer models.


Implementing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) through co-creation of smart futures with industry and citizens.


Wellbeing, Health and Safety @ Work
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Prevention of work-related injuries with a platform that combines Big Data, wearable sensors, IoT technology, and ergonomics to monitor workers and detect threats to their health.