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Francesco D'Andria

New media and digital content management


Our mission is to design and develop ICT tools for both the Media Industry (broadcast, content production, press, etc) and the Media & Gaming Technologies with solutions and services, such as multi-platform efficient Media Content Management; Content recommendation and personalized advertising with content characterization, annotation, data fusion, and profiling; rich multimedia User Experience (UX); Social Network Analytics; Non-leisure gaming and gamification technologies; 3D Modeling and Virtual Space; Accessible Media contents and services; and media services deployment based on new network paradigms.


We are working towards the development of assets that are useful to Atos Group through the extensive knowledge and experience accumulated during several years in different R&D projects related to media technologies, in which they have achieved successful results with tools focusing on content annotation and enriched metadata for multimedia; multimedia search, distribution, and retrieval; 3D and virtual worlds; Adaptive Streaming; social media analytics related to media content; and "Design for all" principle, ensuring accessibility for users.


Novel approaches and technologies allow general users to become media generators, producers and actors in an inter-connected, interactive and smart augmented world. Besides participating in R&D projects, we support the Atos Major Events Team to provision IT services for last sport events (i.e. Olympics Games). It has also contributed to the Olympic Broadcasting Services webcasting solution for the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and for the second Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. We are members of the NEM (New European Media) initiative Steering Board.



Facility for large-scale adaptive media experimentation
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Development and operation of an experimental infrastructure for media content delivery that combines VSNs and ICN to optimize efficiency and user experience.


A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework
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Aims at developing a decentralized social media platform to address the dynamic nature of human communication in a contextual, spatial, and temporal dimension, while introducing novel concepts for social graph creation and management, which are grounded in trust and transparency.


Gamification of prosocial learning for increased youth inclusion and academic achievement
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Delivery of a series of disruptive innovations for the production and distribution of prosocial games that engage children and technology transfer from the games industry to the educational sector.


Trusted Citizen - LEA collaboration over social networks
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Open, flexible, secure and resilient socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration of citizens and law enforcement officers.