Software Defined Application Infrastructures Management and Engineering
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Will provide tools to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution, of heterogeneous applications in HPC, Cloud & Software defined environments.

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SODALITE will provide application developers and infrastructure operators with tools that abstract their application and infrastructure requirements to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation and execution of heterogeneous applications reflecting diverse circumstances over heterogeneous, softwaredefined,high-performance, cloud infrastructures, with a particular focus on performance, quality, manageability,and reliability. In doing so, it will produce several tangible results, pattern-based abstraction library, including application, infrastructure and an absolute novum, performance abstractions, design and programming model for full-stack application and infrastructure descriptions, using abstraction library; deployment framework, enabling static optimisation of the so-abstracted applications onto specific infrastructures automated run-time optimisation and management of so-deployed applications. This toolset will directly support Digital Transformation of European Industry through increasing design and runtime effectiveness of software-defined infrastructures, to ensure highperformance execution over dynamic heterogeneous execution environments; increasing simplicity of modelling applications and infrastructures, to improve manageability, collaboration, and time to market.

January, 2019 to December, 2021
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