Do you know why organizations are increasingly interested in workplace dynamics, collaboration, communication, employee experience & organizational culture?

We believe that successful and sustainable companies are those with the capacity to adapt to changes, are willing to accept that there are new open ways of doing things and want to mobilize absolutely all their internal and external resources to generate more value.

ARI 3C’s (Challenges, Creativity and Co-work) offering focuses on the human side of digital transformation, since resistance to change and organizational culture are the main barriers to transformation. Moving to an innovation mindset and a culture of empowerment represents a significant challenge for organizations.

Our aim is to provide your organiSation with the best tools and mechanisms to foster innovation, facilitate fresh thinking and ideaS generation towards innovative solutions. It consists of different phases that help developing and analysing the challenge to find and co-create new solutions.

As you can see, people are at the center of our approach. It is not about technology, but about the change of mindset in the whole organization enabling the adoption of technologies. And it is also about new ways of collaborating, as teams are now more oriented to efficiency and success.


What is it about?

We help people identifying barriers and opportunities based on real needs and encourage teams to solve problems with a new mindset. We have designed different hands-on sessions where participants learn by doing and, with the support of our largely experienced team, put into practice innovation and creativity techniques.

Overview of different experimental workshops that we have successfully organized

Why don’t you start with?

Challenges4Us: a 4-5 hours session that can be run in one morning. We organize compact workshops oriented to solving complex situations in projects, operations or sales activities. Problem-solving techniques are applied fast and lead to a co-prioritized roadmap for future steps.

Design Thinking: a full day workshop during which participants learn to analyse, empathise, observe, provide solutions, prototype, iterate, test and implement ideas, keeping in mind that collaboration is at the heart of innovative solutions.

Disrupt-ITa 2-days workshop ‘out of the office’. This hands-on activity is designed to foster the generation of innovative ideas addressing acknowledged challenges. We propose individual and group dynamics that foster creativity and ideas generation, inciting participants to adopt an innovation mindset that remains as a value for the organization.

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