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Based on our 30-years experience, we have developed efficient working processes, methodologies, knowledge and collaborative tools that can be used for the benefit of our customers.

From strategy to project management, from the generation of ideas to the identification of funding opportunities and selection of the right partners, from opportunities to results, our extensive experience enables us to provide reliable Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) support and consulting services.

We offer support services that cover the whole cycle, including contract negotiation, as well as the following administrative / financial management and technical coordination of funded projects.

Additional services are related to the innovation process and consider emerging technologies watch, ideas generation workshops, innovation management, etc. All those activities are supported by state-of-the-art methodologies and IT tools in order to offer efficient and skillful support.

The benefits for our customers are increased possibilities to start and undertake research and innovation activities. It also allows them to network and cooperate with key players in RDI (e.g. research institutes, universities, companies, etc.), which is an added value in view of the creation of partnerships, alliances and internationalization.