Preparing Industry to Privacy-by-design by supporting its Application in Research
Short Description: 

Facilitate application of a privacy & security -by-design methodology that contributes to the advent of unhindered usage of Internet, support its practice by the ICT research community, foster risk management culture.

Full Description: 

PRIPARE consists of a consortium of 11 partners with strong links with the privacy community (data protection authorities/policy makers, privacy advocacy organisations, technology, engineering). In order to prepare for the longer term adoption by the industry, a representative advisory board was set up. The support action duration is 24 months and ends this year. To carry out its mission PRIPARE:
1. Specifies a privacy and security-by-design software and systems engineering methodology, using the combined expertise of the research community and taking into account multiple viewpoints (advocacy, legal, engineering, business) and best-breed privacy and security practices (Privacy Impact Assessments, Privacy Risk Management, Security Development Life cycles)
2. Prepares and publishes best practices material (guidelines, patterns, success stories) for the development and implementation of products and services of ICT-based systems and use-cases in the area of cloud computing, mobile services and the management of cyber incidents,
3. Supports FP7 and Horizon 2020 research projects through training workshops and practical support in applying PRIPARE best practices in their environment.
4. Provides educational material on approaches for risk management of privacy and create awareness on the need for risk management culture among users. Material consistent with PRIPARE methodology is structured in a modular way in order to fit to different targets (policy makers, users, ICT students and professional).
5. Identifies gaps and provide recommendations on privacy and security-by-design practices, support of unhindered usage of Internet and on the creation of a risk management culture. A research agenda is delivered addressing recommendations for Industry, policy and law makers, standardisation organisms and researchers.
6. Liaises with major standardisation organisms (ISO, OASIS, CEN/CENELEC) sharing and promoting its most valuable advances and results.

PRIPARE's resulting methodology has already received positive feedback by prominent privacy standardisation committees (OASIS PMRM TC) and its main concepts are already being applied in three H2020 projects (WITDOM, CREDENTIAL and PRISMACLOUD).

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