Prizes and Awards

Thinking Cities AWARD for the MoveUs project!

Madrid wins the 'Thinking Cities' Award thanks to the MoveUs project, in which ARI is highly involved.

This is a great recognition for our team, which is in charge of the project coordination and management, the living labs for the pilots organization, the exploitation activities, and the security aspects of the solution.

The award winner was chosen among all abstracts that were submitted by Polis members for the 2016 Polis Conference. The Thinking Cities Award is associated to ‘Thinking Cities’ magazine, which showcases urban transport innovation in practice from European cities and beyond, and is published by Polis and H3B media twice a year.

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Best Position Paper Award at Cloud Forward 2016

The position paper produced by the RAPID project "Heterogeneous Secure Multi-level Remote Acceleration Service for Low-Power Integrated Systems and Devices" won the Best Position Paper Award, selected by the International Scientific Committee, presented at Cloud Futures: From Distributed to Complete Computing (CloudForward 2016), 18-20 October, in Madrid.

Authors: Lara López, Francisco Javier Nieto, Sokol Kosta, Terpsichori-Helen Velivassaki, Cheol-Ho Hong, Raffaele Montella, Iakovos Mavroidis and Carles Fernandez.

Best Joint Paper Award at Cloud Forward 2015

The joint paper produced by the collaboration established between ARTIST and MODAClouds projects won the Best Award Paper with "A Joint Benchmark-Analytic Approach for Design-Time Assessment of Multi-Cloud Applications" presented at the Proceeding of the 1st International conference on Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Big Data and Big Data Management (Cloud Forward 2015). Pisa, Italy. October 6-8 2015.

Authors: Athanasian Evangelinou, Michele Ciavotta, George Kousiouris, Danilo Ardagna

MODAClouds Project ends with "EXCELLENT" at final review

The MODAClouds Project received the "EXCELLENT" grade during its final review held in Brussels last November 19th, 2015. The project ended with the release of MultiClouds DevOps Toolbox, a number of technologies created to help along the whole Cloud lifecycle for Multi-Cloud scenarios with strong focus on Business-Driven QoS and DevOps. The project members have also started MultiClouds Alliance, an initiative to extend the life of the project results beyond the project life.
The results and the Alliance can accessed at

ITEA Award of Excellence for MEDIATE

At the Co-summit, the ITEA Board Support Group presented 3 ITEA Awards of Excellence. These awards go to high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that provide significant results and promote the program and its goals. This year the ITEA awards of Excellence focused on the key achievements for ITEA: Business impact and Standardization. MEDIATE is one of this year's awards winners and received the Award of Excellence in the category "Business impact".

Best paper award ISESS 2013

'The Future Internet Enablement of the Environment Information Space' was awarded as one of the best scientific contributions to the ISESS 2013 conference. This paper motivates the enablement of the Future Internet to become a highly functional service platform supporting the design and the operation of software applications in the Environmental Information Space. It reports on the experience made by the European research project ENVIROFI as one of the usage area projects within the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership programme.

Award for Best Pitched Idea in KIC-INNOENERGY – Smart Grid

KIC InnoEnergy is a strongly integrated alliance of reputable players from the education, research and industry sectors based on long-standing links of cooperation committed to innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, and has, as one of its main objectives, the support and encouragement of young ventures engaged in developing the latest technologies for the energy industry. The Pitching Sessions are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a general audience with the end goal of facilitating investment transactions, mentorship, connections, and more.
The prize is a voucher of 2500€ that can be used to obtain services from the KIC-INNOENERGY.

EPSA 2011

STORK received the European Public Sector Award (EPSA) 2011 Best Practice Certificate. STORK was submitted for Theme2: "Opening Up the Public Sector Through Collaborative Governance". In total, 274 applications from 32 European countries and European institutions were received and were eligible for the evaluation phase. Top country submitters in the 2011 edition were Spain, Romania, Austria, Italy, Poland and Germany. Out of the 274 applications, 116 came from the local government level, 66 from the regional level, 85 from the national level, and 7 from European institutions. All eligible applications were assessed online by independent expert evaluators who also met in Maastricht on 26 and 27 May for a consensus meeting in order to agree on the final short-listed projects and the best practice certificate recipients for this edition. As a result of the consensus meeting, 21 applications coming from 10 different countries were short-listed. These projects, that cover the 3 themes of the award scheme, were subject to on-site visits in June in order to validate the statements and data provided in the application form as well as to discuss questions that have come up throughout the consensus meeting regarding certain aspects of the projects. In addition, the evaluators also identified a number of applications per theme that will be awarded an EPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificate. So, in total, 58 projects submitted by 18 European countries received a recognition in 2011.

@Aslan's call for nominations

STORK became finalist in the category of central administration in the Call for Nominations organised by the @asLAN Association on ICT innovative and exemplary success stories in public organisations and administrations. This initiative has as its main objective to ease the exchange of know-how and to publicly acknowledge the efforts and dedication of the Public Administrations ICT responsible persons who have led them. In this 2011 edition, a total of 94 Success Stories have participated from 77 Public Organisations, of which 27 finalists were selected in all categories, by means of an open and transparent process in which 867 professionals have participated with their votes.