Prizes and Awards

Best Joint Paper Award at Cloud Forward 2015

The joint paper produced by the collaboration established between ARTIST and MODAClouds projects won the Best Award Paper with "A Joint Benchmark-Analytic Approach for Design-Time Assessment of Multi-Cloud Applications" presented at the Proceeding of the 1st International conference on Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Big Data and Big Data Management (Cloud Forward 2015). Pisa, Italy. October 6-8 2015.

Authors: Athanasian Evangelinou, Michele Ciavotta, George Kousiouris, Danilo Ardagna

MODAClouds Project ends with "EXCELLENT" at final review

The MODAClouds Project received the "EXCELLENT" grade during its final review held in Brussels last November 19th, 2015. The project ended with the release of MultiClouds DevOps Toolbox, a number of technologies created to help along the whole Cloud lifecycle for Multi-Cloud scenarios with strong focus on Business-Driven QoS and DevOps. The project members have also started MultiClouds Alliance, an initiative to extend the life of the project results beyond the project life.
The results and the Alliance can accessed at

ITEA Award of Excellence for MEDIATE

At the Co-summit, the ITEA Board Support Group presented 3 ITEA Awards of Excellence. These awards go to high-level technical contributions based on true European collaboration that provide significant results and promote the program and its goals. This year the ITEA awards of Excellence focused on the key achievements for ITEA: Business impact and Standardization. MEDIATE is one of this year's awards winners and received the Award of Excellence in the category "Business impact".