Publication ARI Author/s Details Year
Marshaling information and communication technologies towards ubiquitous personalized learning experiences Ana Mª Piñuela, Nadia Politou et... IEEE Communications Magazine (To be published) 2017
Emerging ICT technologies for the public sector – how innovating the public sector helps meeting societal needs Nuria Rodríguez, Esther Garrido... 23rd ICE/IEEE ITMC conference 2017 Link 2017
EO Big Data analytics for the discovery of new trends of marine species habitats in a changing global climate Jose Lorenzo et al. Paper-Poster from the EO4wildlife project (, accepted at the 2017 Conference on Big Data from Space (BiDS'17) hold in Toulouse, France in November Link 2017
EO Big Data Connectors and Analytics for Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Trends of Marine Wildlife Jose Lorenzo et al. Paper describing some of the research activities of the EO4wildlife project (, that received the Best Paper Award at the International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems (ISESS) 2017 Conference hold in Zadar, Croatia, in May Link 2017
Report on Analysis and Recommendations for Smart City Large Scale Pilots Juan Rico AIOTI - Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation Link 2016
Context-Aware Stream Processing for Distributed IoT Applications Juan Rico, Juan Sancho IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things ( Link 2016
Data Movement in the Internet of Things Domain David Garcia Perez et al Managing data produced in the Internet of Things according to the traditional data-center based approach is becoming no longer appropriate. Devices are improving their computational power as the processors installed on them are more and more powerful and... Link 2015
The Role of SLAs in Building a Trusted Cloud for Europe Ana Juan Ferrer, Enric Pages i Montanera The European commission recognises Cloud potential to improve competitiveness by enabling transformation to better connected and efficient society. However, still trust and security concerns hamper its massive adoption, both in private and public sectors... Link 2015
TANGO: Transparent heterogeneous hardware Architecture deployment for eNergy Gain in Operation David Garcia Perez, Ana Juan Ferrer, et al The paper is concerned with the issue of how software systems actually use Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures (HPAs), with the goal of optimizing power consumption on these resources. It argues the need for novel methods and tools to support software... Link 2016
BASMATI-A Brokerage Architecture on Federated Clouds for Mobile Applications Ana Juan Ferrer et al Although mobile devices became more powerful and sophisticated over the last decade, enabling rich-multimedia services, resource constraints still hinder today’s mobile applications from reaching their potential. To address this, this work aims at... Link 2016
Multi-cloud Platform-as-a-service Model, Functionalities and Approaches Ana Juan Ferrer, David García Pérez, Román Sosa González Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is the Cloud area concentrating the major growth in the last years in terms of adoption and market share. At the same time Cloud models are evolving towards Hybrid Clouds through the consideration of service expansion across... Link 2016
Inter-cloud Research: Vision for 2020 Ana Juan Ferrer et al Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster objective is to enable collaboration among European Research projects addressing topics of multi-cloud and inter-cloud. Today these projects analyze the question from diverse perspectives and... Link 2016
WISER helps organizations implement effective cyber risk management A. Alvárez, E. González European CIIP Newsletter. March 2016 Link 2016
Security Knowledge Representation Artifacts for CreatingSecure IT Systems J.F.Ruiz Computers&Security (Journal), DOI: 10.1016/ j.cose.2016.09.001 Link 2016
A Privacy Engineering Framework for the Internet of Things N.Notario Paper presented at CPDP 2016: 9th International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection 2016
A cloud radiological web portal based on real-time enforcement of legal requirements and specific patient-hospital data sharing agreements J.F.Ruiz European Congress of Radiology, Vienna (Austria), March 1-5, 2017 2016
Privacy-Enhanced Tokens for Authorization in ACE Daniel Calvo et al This specification defines PAT, "Privacy-Enhanced-Authorization- Tokens" or "Pseudonym-based Authorization Tokens", a protocol and a token construction procedure for client authorization in a constrained environment. Link 2016
An IoT middleware for enhanced security and privacy: the RERUM approach Daniel Calvo et al Many solutions and IoT frameworks have only a minimum set of security, which is a basic access control. The EU FP7 project RERUM has a main focus on designing an IoT architecture based on the concepts of Security and Privacy by design. Link 2016
How WISER is preparing the ground for cybersecurity challenges in the DSM? Antonio Alvárez Elena González A... Position paper at Cloudscape Brazil 2016 Link 2016
TREDISEC: Towards Realizing a Truly Secure and Trustworthy Cloud B. Gallego ERCIM News magazine Nº 104 Link 2016
CyberWISER Light: Supporting Cyber Risk Assessment with Automated Vulnerability Scanning A. Alvárez ERCIM Newsletter. July 2016 Link 2016
CREDENTIAL: Secure Cloud Identity Wallet N. Notario ERCIM News Magazine Nº106 Link 2016
Artifacts for Creating Secure IT Systems J.F. Ruiz Computers&Security (Journal), DOI: 10.1016/ j.cose.2016.09.001 Link 2016
How WISER is paving the ground for cyber security challenges in the DSM Antonio Alvárez, Elena González,... Position paper at Cloudscape 2016. Link 2016
How WISER is paving the ground for cyber security challenges in the DSM Antonio Alvárez, Elena González,... Position paper at Cloudscape 2016. Link 2016
Privacy Requirements: Findings and Lessons Learned in Developing a Privacy Platform J.F.Ruiz "Conference proceedings for 24th International Requirements Engineering Conference, Beijing, China" Link 2016
A Lifecycle for Data Sharing Agreements: How it Works Out J.F.Ruiz Paper accepted Annual Privacy Forum 2016 2016
Privacy Preserving Cloud Services N.Notario, A.Crespo Paper accepted at CSA-EMEA Congress 2016, Madrid, Spain 2016
Data-as-a-service platform for delivering healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine: Concept and structure of the DAPHNE Project A. Palomares Paper published in Journal of Medical Internet Research Publications, Global eHealth Innovation Link 2016
The Daphne Project A. Palomares "Overview about DAPHNE Project at ICTH The 6th International Conference on Current and Future Trends of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare Guilford, London UK" Link 2016
Unlocking the potential of Additive Manufacturing R. Díaz Ascent Whitepaper Link 2016
MoveUs, fomentando hábitos de movilidad sostenible por medio de tecnología Susana Palomares et al. II Congreso de Ciudades Inteligentes (Madrid, 13-14 Abril 2016). Link 2016
Potential of INSPIRE and Copernicus for e-Government and Environment Miguel Angel Esbrí For the INSPIRE Conference 2016 GIM International was invited to compile a special edition of the magazine focusing on the thematic plenary sessions of the conference. The INSPIRE edition contains interviews with 15 keynote speakers. Link 2016
European CIIP Newsletter, July 16 - October 16, Volume 10, Number 2 Jaime Martín Pérez Article about CIRAS project (PAGES 7-10) included in the European CIIP Newsletter, July 16 - October 16, Volume 10, Number 2 Link 2016
Co-Creating Security-and-Privacy-by-Design Systems Nicolás Notario, Alberto Crespo,... Presented at Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Managemetn in the Cloud (SECPID), ARES Conference, 11th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security in Salzburg/ Austria. 2016
Augmented Hearing for elderly people From requirements to implementation Ivo Ramos et al. ICT for Ageing Well Link 2016
Addressing challenges in using breath chemical analysis in smartphone-based health diagnostics Ivo Ramos & Juan Mario Rodrí... Proceedings of MobiHealth 2015 Link 2016
Future Internet technologies for environmental applications Jose Lorenzo et al. This paper investigates the usability of Future Internet technologies (aka “Generic Enablers of the Future Internet”) in the context of environmental applications. Link 2015
Reducing IoT / PbD Dilemma by enriching authorization with reputation mechanisms Darío Ruiz Discussion on the incompatibility of the PbD paradigm and the IoT concept and the incorporation of the reputation of the users in the authorization phase as a way to mitigate this incompatibility Link 2015
Citizens’ Perspectives on Surveillance, Security and Privacy: Controversies, Alternatives and Solutions Jaime Martín Article "Overview of the PACT Privacy Reference Framework for Security Technology (PRFST)” included in the "Joint Conference of SurPRISE, PRISMS and PACT". Published by the Institute of Technology Assessment and Austrian Academy of... 2015