Publication ARI Author/s Details Year
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Virtual Security Appliances: The Next Generation Security Aurora Ramos et al. This paper describes the operation of the NFV marketplace and orchestrator proposed by T-NOVA deal with a virtual network security appliance. Link 2015
A Seamless Integration of Computationally-Enhanced Base Stations into Mobile Networks towards 5G Miguel A. Puente et al. This paper presents a seamless approach for the deployment of computationally-enhanced Small-Cells, also applicable to macro base stations, with no impact on the LTE-A architecture. Link 2015
5G NORMA: A NOvel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture for 5G networks Miguel A. Puente et al. 5G NORMA proposes an adaptive 5G mobile architecture based on SDN and NFV which enables adapting the network to the specific service requirements, resulting in a novel service- and context dependent adaptation of network functions. Link 2015
Solving the interoperability challenge of a distributed complex patient guidance system: A data integrator based on HL7’s Virtual Medical Record standard. Carlos Marcos, Carlos Cavero et... JAMIA 2015 Link 2015
Towards more factual, evidence-based, transparent and accountable policy evaluation and analysis: The Policy Compass approach, Contributions to Section 7 Business Benefits Mercedes Arjona et al Challenges e-2014 provides an international forum to foster ICT related entrepreneurship and innovation, share experiences, increase awareness of innovative applied ICT applications and research results, and identify opportunities for Horizon 2020, Link 2014
Energy Efficiency Embedded Service Lifecycle: Towards and Energy Efficient Cloud Computing Architecture Garcia, David, Juan Ferrer, Ana, et al. The paper argues the need to provide novel methods and tools to support software developers aiming to optimise energy efficiency and minimise the carbon footprint resulting from designing, developing, deploying and running software in Clouds, while... Link 2014
Exploiting Local Clouds in the Internet of Everything Environment Nieto, Francisco Javier, Garcia, Sergio The Internet of Everything is opening new opportunities and challenges which will be faced during the following years. Huge amounts of data will be generated and consumed, so Internet of Things frameworks will need to provide new capabilities related to... 2014
SeaClouds: a European project on seamless management of multi-cloud applications F. D’Andria, et al. The adaptive management of complex applications deployed across multiple heterogeneous PaaS platforms is one of the problems that have emerged with the cloud revolution... Link 2014
Principles of Pervasive Cloud Monitoring Gokce Gorbil, David Garcia Perez, Eduardo Huedo Cuesta Accurate and fine-grained monitoring of dynamic and heterogeneous cloud resources is essential to the overall operation of the cloud. In this paper, we review the principles of pervasive cloud monitoring, and discuss the requirements of a pervasive... Link 2014
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FOODIE: Farm-Oriented Open Data in Europe Miguel Ángel Esbrí et al. EGU General Assembly 2014 Link 2014
Cloud modernization assessment framework: Analyzing the impact of a potential migration to Cloud Jesús Gorroñogoitia et al. This paper presents the solution proposed by the ARTIST project to assess companies which are considering the migration of their products to Cloud, and provide estimations of the costs, ROI, efforts and migration tasks that this process could imply. Link 2013
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Migrating Legacy Software to the Cloud with ARTIST Clara Pezuela, Jesus Gorronogoit... As cloud computing allows improving the quality of software and aims at reducing costs of operating software, more and more software is delivered as a service. However, moving from a software as a product strategy to delivering software as a service... Link 2013
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Building the chain of confidence in Cloud Computing Aljosa Pasic, Ludo Block In this paper we present project methodology and initial results of CIRRUS project with a focus on specific aspects of data protection and privacy in cloud, as well as the issue of cloud forensics. Link 2013
Overview of the FP7 Project EO2HEAVEN “Earth observation and environmental modelling for the mitigation of health risks” Jose Lorenzo et al. EO2HEAVEN has developed methodologies, models, spatial data services (using OGC standards) and applications supporting the main activities involved in environmental health: discovery and acquisition of environmental data, integration of heterogeneous... 2013
A Scalable SIEM correlation engine and its application to the Olympic Games IT infrastructure Rubén Torres, Elsa Prieto, Rodri... This paper introduces a step forward in the current state of the art to address the aforementioned problems. The proposed model takes into account the two main aspects of this field: distributed correlation and query parallelization. We present a case... 2013
PERSONA: A Personalized Data-Protection Framework Marina Egea et al. The European Directive on Data Protection recognizes the right of data subjects to control the usage of their information. However, to date there are no data protection solutions that involve data subjects in the definition and enforcement of data... 2013
A Secure and Flexible Data Infrastructure for the VPH-Share Community Dario Ruiz et al. This paper presents the data service provisioning framework developed in VPH-Share project that builds up the data infrastructure, focusing on the deployment of data integration services in the hybrid Cloud, the associated mechanism for securing access... 2013
RERUM: Building a Reliable IoT upon Privacy- and Security- enabled Smart Ojects Rodrigo Diaz Rodriguez et al. RERUM, a recently started FP7 European Union project. aims to develop a framework which will allow IoT applications to consider security and privacy mechanisms early in their design phase, ensuring a configurable balance between reliability (requiring... 2013