Publication ARI Author/s Details Year
Command and Control for Data Centers White Paper Ana Juan (contributor) 2011 Atos Insights & Innovation, Thought leadership, Link 2011
Beyond IT Outsourcing White Paper Ana Juan 2011 Atos Insights & Innovation. Thought leadership. Link 2011
Demonstration of the OPTIMIS toolkit for cloud service provisioning Badia, R.M.; Corrales, M.; Dimit... Abramowicz, W.: Towards a service-based internet. 4th European conference, ServiceWave 2011: Poznan, Poland, October 26 - 28, 2011; Proceedings. Berlin: Springer, 2011. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6994), pp. 331-333, info:10.1007/978-3-642-24755-... 2011
Automatic Creation of 3D Environments from a Single Sketch Using Content-Centric Networks Paul Moore et al. The authors present a complete and innovative system for automatic creation of 3D environments from multimedia content available in the network. Link 2011
Enabling Risk Assessment and Analysis by Event Detection in Dementia Patients Using a Reconfigurable Rule Set Francesco D'Andria The 4th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA2011), May 2011
SLA-based management of software licenses as web service resources in distributed computing infrastructures Francesco D'Andria Future Generation Computer Systems, November Link 2011
Business application governance in PaaS context Francesco D’Andria, Josep Martra... eChallenges e-2011 Conference, October, Florence 2011
Describing and Identifying Business Models from Generic Value Chains for Technology Systems Daniel Field eChallenges e-2011, Oct, Florence Conference Proceedings Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds) IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-905824-27-4 2011
Using Statistical Tests in a Trust Model Francisco Javier Nieto Service Computation 2011 - Sep, Rome 2011
SMART: Multimedia Search and Retrieval over Integrated Social and Sensor Networks Paul Moore, Irene Schmidt et al. This paper presents work in progress associated with the development of a multimedia search engine over content and information stemming from the physical world i.e. derived through visual, acoustic and other sensors. Among the unique features of the... 2011
MASSIF: A Promising Solution to Enhance Olympic Games IT Security Elsa Prieto, Rodrigo Diaz et al. MASSIF: A Promising Solution to Enhance Olympic Games IT Security. Elsa Prieto, Rodrigo Diaz, Luigi Romano, Roland Rieke and Mohammed Achemlal. 7th ICGS3 / 4th e-Democracy Joint Conferences. April 2011. 2011
Dynamic Security Monitoring and Accounting for Virtualized Environments Rodrigo Diaz et al. Dynamic Security Monitoring and Accounting for Virtualized Environments. Antonio Muñoz, Rajesh Harjani, Antonio Maña, Rodrigo Diaz. STAVE 2011. March 2011 2011
Intelligence Management Rodrigo Diaz et al. "Chapter 3: Secure Architecture", Rodrigo Diaz Rodriguez. In book: "Intelligence Management", Series: "Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing", Editors: Babak Akhgar and Simeon Yates, 2011 Springer. ISBN:978-1-4471-... 2011
STORK e-Privacy and Security Alberto Crespo et al. Paper accepted at Network and System Security 2011 ( Link 2011
Co-Cities: Cooperative Mobility Services to improve urban traffic Management Katja Sonnhalter, Nuria Rodríguez Article published in: Mobility - The European public transport magazine magazine 2011
ImmigrationPolicy2.0 Nuria Rodríguez Article in the Community Financial Guide (Guía de Financiación Comunitaria) ( 2011
Cockpit: New Model of Public Service Delivery David Jorquera, Katja Sonnhalter... 12th European Conference on eGovernment (ECEG 2012) 2011
Rural Inclusion, a project about reduction of administrative burdens in rural areas Belen Gallego General article about Rural Inclusion published in AICE monthly magazine Nº 108, March 2011 2011
Reducción de cargas administrativas en zonas rurales: el proyecto Rural Inclusion Belen Gallego Publication of a Rural Inclusion paper in the proceedings of the 11th LATAm meeting in eGovernment and Digital Inclusion: eAdministration as a tool for digital Inclusion” (Zaragoza, Spain, 24 May 2011). 2011
Automatic Discovery of Complementary Learning Resources Vicente Arturo Romero Zaldivar, Daniel Burgos Presented at ECTEL 2011 conference/ Palermo, Italy/ October 2011 Link 2011
EO2HEAVEN Project Miguel, J.L., et al. Poster 2011
Environmental Information Enrichment – The TaToo Approach Lobo T. P., et al. Paper 2011
The TaToo Portal – Tagging and Discovery within TaToo Lobo T. P., Lopez J. M. F, et al. Paper 2011
Applying semantics in the environmental domain: The TaToo project approach Lobo T. P., et al. Paper 2011
The TaToo Semantic Case – Requirements, impacts and applications Lobo T. P., et al. Paper 2011
OpenNode: Open Architecture for Secondary Nodes of the Electricity SmartGrid Jose Lorenzo, Marta Alberto Paper 2011
From Sensor to Observation Web with Environmental Enablers in the Future Internet Jose Lorenzo, et al. Paper Link 2011
Towards a Multi-Style Service-Oriented Architecture for Earth Observations Jose Lorenzo, et al. Paper Link 2011
ENVIROFI: Future Internet for Future INSPIRE Jose Lorenzo, et al. Poster in INSPIRE Conference Link 2011
A Model for Semantic Annotation of Environmental Resources: The TaToo Semantic Framework Lobo, T. P., Lopez J. M. F., Sanguino M. A., et al. Paper Link 2011
Atos launches testing in Indonesia for the DEWS Tsunami Warning system Jose Lorenzo Press release Link 2011