5G development and validation platform for global industry-specific network services and apps.

Sonia Castro
sonia.castro at atos.net
Atos Spain
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5GTANGO puts forth the flexible programmability of 5G networks with:

  • An NVF-enabled Service Development Kit (SDK)
  • A store platform with advanced validation and verification mechanisms for VNFs/Network Services qualification
  • A modular service platform with an innovative orchestrator in order to bridge the gap between business needs and network operational management systems
Our role

Atos is the 5GTANGO Project Coordinator. Besides, we have been actively involved in technical activities related to the Validation & Verification and the Service Platforms, .e.g.  definition of the Test Descriptors and Schemas to support third-party VNFs/NS or in the development of network slicing solution.

Atos has also played an important role regarding the Infrastructure, Platform Integration, and System Qualification, creating the DevOps environment to support the CI/CD cycle for 5GTANGO developers, being in charge of the maintenance of different 5GTANGO environments; and leading the task regarding system test and qualification being responsible for the delivery of 5GTANGO software releases.

Atos participation in the pilots’ implementation has also been remarkable, especially in the Immersive use case, where Atos they developed the Media Aggregator and Media Streaming Engine VNFs (divided in MSE-Transcoder y MSE-Cache). Finally, we led the tasks regarding Business and Development and Exploitation, highlighting Atos role in the definition and execution of the open source strategy of the project by means of our engagement in the OSM community.


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